Adhesive tape or tape is a kind of adhesive material that is widely used and popularized by the versatility of the product.

  1. Adhesive tape or tape is a material with adhesive properties, consisting of a clear film coated with adhesive on the surface and formed into a roll. The films used are usually OPP film, cloth tape film, PVC film, silicone film, glues that can be mentioned as glues such as acrylic, rubber glue … are the most commonly used glues today. The most commonly used clear tape on the market is OPP tape, also known as carton wrapping tape.
  2. Adhesive tape is classified according to many different standards: classified by glue, by adhesive material, by actual use and by size and shape.
  3. Unit: Adhesive tape is usually converted in yards (0.91 meters/1 yard) which will be very bad for customers if they do not understand this unit because most commercial units often use this yard unit to cheat. number of meters of adhesive tape on the finished roll to lower the cost.

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OPP adhesive tape: is a type of adhesive tape for cartons or other packaging items, with good toughness and adhesion, most commonly used on the market.

  1. Logo-printed adhesive tape: Logo-printed tape is the optimal choice for businesses and organizations to promote their image and brand on adhesive tape products.
  2. Paper adhesive tape: Paper tape is a useful multi-use product in daily life, can be used for writing notes, labeling, headings, gift packaging or in the paint, chemical and chemical industries.
  3. Double-sided adhesive tape: Double-sided adhesive tape makes it easy to stick two surfaces of the same or different materials together, an alternative to the use of inconvenient and ineffective glues
  4. Foam adhesive tape: Double-sided foam tape is currently being used very popularly, has a variety of colors, the main purpose is to stick the surfaces of objects, fill gaps, and create strong adhesion.
  5. Aluminum Adhesive Tape : Aluminum tape or silver tape or silver adhesive tape is a type of high-tech insulating tape that is used in many industries such as surface protection, sealing of welds, joints, etc. Prevents evaporation and prevents cold
  6. Fragile tape: Fragile tape is a type of tape used to stick fragile products, when transporting, it should be noted.
  7. Cowhide adhesive tape: Cowhide tape is commonly used in gluing and repairing cartons or for electrical and corrugated ironing in the textile industry…
  8. Simili adhesive tape for book spines: commonly used in copiers, printing shops and offices when you want to print working documents. The production material of this tape is made of thin Simili plastic and has many different colors. This tape will then be coated with a layer of glue on the surface to create a complete Simili tape
  9. 3M Adhesive Tape: is a high-quality adhesive of 3M Corporation under the American brand since 1980. This glue is widely applied in many different fields and is very well received by Vietnamese consumers.
  10. Heat-resistant adhesive tape: This heat-resistant tape is made of flexible plastic material, the surface is covered with a layer of glue that not only adheres well to all material surfaces but also has extremely effective insulation.
  11. Anti-static adhesive tape: Anti-static adhesive tape is widely used in the field of IC packaging or used as an anti-static bag.


  1. Interior decoration: As long as you have a little creative ideas and the right color scheme, your adhesive tape can also create extremely eye-catching home decoration works, you can buy rolls color opp adhesive tape for more multi-color options.
  2. Open bottles, jars, containers: If you encounter bottles, jars, food containers that are difficult to open without a dedicated opener, just stick the tape on the mouth of the bottle, jar, container and then wrap it in a circle. and rotate in the direction of opening the lid, it will immediately open.
  3. Help you wear the bracelet: If you have to wear the bracelet yourself, it will be difficult for you because just threading the bracelet will fall, you can stick the tape on the top of the bracelet to fix the rope. on your hand, then you wrap the bracelet around your hand, then hook the key of the bracelet, when you’re done, just remove the tape.
  4. Making toys for children: The familiar boxing game will not be difficult when you play it indoors, just use adhesive tape to stick the box with the size you want and you can write the numbers in the boxes by the tape rolls. color, so it can be used for children to play indoors without fear of getting dirty on the floor or carpet.
  5. Making items in repair: In the process of repairing and replacing household appliances, we often drop components and accessories that are small and cannot be found, to overcome this, we can use a piece of adhesive tape and stick small accessories and components on it, to avoid falling or being lost.
  6. Pack goods firmly: With the support of adhesive tape, the packing and sealing jobs will become much lighter and simpler. Adhesive tape can also be used in the electronics industry, to wrap joints, welds, cold storage insulation, heat resistance, electrical insulation, glazing, etc.
  7. Promotion of images and brands: Logo-printed adhesive tapes contribute one more useful use for branding for companies and businesses. For manufacturers and suppliers who want to bring their brand and reputation closer to customers, choosing branded adhesive tape is an optimal and most effective method.

SOME TERMS commonly used in adhesive tapes, tapes

  1. Micron: The symbol “mic” can be read as “mic”. As the unit commonly used to measure the thickness of the adhesive film, 1 mic = 0.01mm. Usually thickness from 40 mic, 43 mic to 50 mic.
  2. Yard: The symbol is “Y” to read “da”, the British standard measure. 1 yard = 0.9144 meters. This is a common unit when calculating the length of a roll of tape.
  3. F: read as “feces” is the unit of measurement for the width of the tape roll, 1F = 1cm.
  4. For example: Calculating the actual length of a roll of adhesive tape to 1kg, length 100Y, we calculate as follows: 100 x 0.9144 = 91.44 meters ≈ 92 meters long.


In the stage of packaging goods, adhesive tape is a secondary material, just behind the packaging, helping you to protect the package from tearing, opening, and getting wet inside… Therefore, you also need to pay attention to the parameters. standards so as not to be purchased with poor quality goods, in order to optimize packaging costs and still achieve high efficiency in transporting goods.

Buy adhesive tape by roll weight (kg)

When you buy adhesive tape in bulk and in kilograms, the way you need to pay attention to the core of the tape roll. Common core type is 10mm. If your tape roll purchased a core over 10mm, you purchased the type that was mixed with rock powder when manufactured. At the same standard weight, the core is heavier, the length of the tape roll will be significantly shortened. The standard core type is 3 – 4 mm (core weight from 35 – 37 grams/core) This core type, the price per roll of adhesive tape will be higher than the normal core, but the reuse value is much greater.

Buy adhesive tape by tree, mic, stake

That is, you need to know the standards of each type of adhesive tape when choosing to buy. You can’t measure the whole length of the tape (Example: Buy 100 yards = 90 m enough), the way to measure is to measure the thickness of the tape film.

There are three common diaphragm types, 40. 43 to 50 mic.

  1. 40-mic membrane: It is a fairly thin film, cheap price, but very easy to be affected by the weather when the season is cold and dry, the stickiness will no longer be, it may be broken during transportation.
  2. Membrane 43 mic: is the best adaptive membrane, withstands many types of climates such as hot, humid, cold, dry. The standard 43 film type is 25 Mic thick OPP film + 18 Mic thick glue.
  3. Membrane 50 Mic: Suitable for all types and guaranteed for heavy containers, long distance transportation.


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