Jumbo bag

Jumbo bag description

1 ton jumbo bag (big bag, FIBC, Bulk bag, Ton bag) is a large size packaging made from woven Polypropylene (PP) plastic. Specialized jumbo bags to contain, store and transport 1 ton of products and materials.

  1. Depending on the nature of the product contained and the packaging and discharge equipment of the Customer, the jumbo bag supplier will design the appropriate mouth and bottom design of the 1 ton jumbo bag.
  2. The size of a 1 ton big bag will be determined by the specific density of the product the packaging contains. However, the packaging supplier will help customers choose the size of the jumbo bag that is suitable for the packaging equipment and means of transportation.
  3. For each different product, the manufacturer can add technical details to the 1-ton jumbo bag such as: anti-bulge partitions, PE bags, anti-leakage cushions…

According to the standards of jumbo bag manufacturer Hadupack, 1 ton jumbo bags always ensure a safety factor of 5:1. For reusable jumbo bags, the bags will be manufactured to achieve a safety factor of 6:1.

Jumbo bag
Jumbo bag

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SIZE 90cm x 90cm x 110cm or 90cm x 90cm x 120cm
Customize according to customer requirements
WEIGHT 1000 kg (1 ton)
MATERIAL Woven PP, depending on the product it contains, will have an additional PE coating layer
COLOR White / Beige / Black
DESIGNS U panel or 4 panels
COVER MOUTH Hood / intake manifold / 3-sided open cap / no cap
BOTTOM OF COVER Lotus bottom/closed bottom
LIFTING HANDLE 4 straps 30cm high, belt width 5cm/1250kgf
CRANE HAND Depending on the needs of the Customer
SAFETY FACTOR 5:1 or 6:1
ANTI-BELLY Baffle Depending on the product contained
PRINTING Flexo printing 1 – 4 colors depending on Customer’s design
NUMBER OF ORDERS ≥ 500 pieces


1 ton jumbo bags are widely used in many fields, typically:

  1. Export of agricultural products: jumbo bags containing 1 ton of rice, coffee, cereal grains…
  2. Mineral exploitation: jumbo bag containing 1 ton of bauxite, kaolin, zircon…
  3. Construction: big bags containing 1000kg of sand, soil, cement…
  4. Industrial production: bags containing 1 ton of waste sludge, plastic granules, iron oxide powder, aluminum scrap…
bulk bags
bulk bags

The information customers need to receive the best quote includes:

  1. What type of product does it contain?
  2. How many kg does the bag contain?
  3. What size bag does the Customer need?
  4. Packaging and shipping methods?