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When it comes to Custom Ribbon Printing, there is no better choice than Hadupack. Our service is perfect for helping you increase brand awareness and attract potential customers.

Fabric ribbons are thin, made from natural materials such as silk, cotton, jute and synthetic materials, such as polyester, nylon and polypropylene. Ribbons are used as decorations or logos for businesses, it is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools you can use to create an impression for your brand.

Effect of ribbon

Ribbons with brand logos are very suitable for many events:

  1. Company gift for customers Ribbon printing:
  2. Promotions at the store.
  3. Cheering and encouragement activities.
  4. Decorate events such as Grand Opening, Wedding, Birthday…
  5. Conferences/Special Events.
  6. Suitable for many industries: Bakeries, Real Estate, Jewelers, Food Suppliers, Car Garages, Hotels…

Tips for printing beautiful ribbon rolls:

  1. Ratio of ribbon to product – For ribbons used to package products, it is best to note that the width of the ribbon should vary according to the size of the individual item Ribbon Printing
  2. Ratio of Ribbon to Brand Logo – It is usually recommended that the height of the logo be about half the width of the ribbon.

Printable ribbon types:

  1. Double-sided satin ribbon -. With a smooth and shiny texture on both sides, satin ribbon is the most popular choice and is perfect for conveying elegance and professionalism.
  2. Grosgrain Ribbon – Grosgrain ribbon is heavy and stiff, with a ribbed texture. Ribbon printing Ribbon printing This type of ribbon is long-lasting and durable, ensuring it is suitable for all uses. From product packaging to store and scrapbook decorations, Grosgrain ribbon is a great choice.
  3. Chiffon Ribbon – Chiffon ribbon is a soft, delicate type of ribbon. With an airy, light and elegant feel, Chiffon ribbon is the right choice if you are aiming for a light and elegant ribbon.
  4. Straight Weave Cotton Ribbon – Flat weave cotton ribbon is 100% cotton and environmentally friendly.

Herringbone cotton ribbon (Interrupted twill weave) – This type of ribbon has a distinctive v-shaped weave that resembles a herringbone. Cotton herringbone ribbon is also 100% cotton so is an eco-friendly choice.​


Ribbon printing methods:

  1. Each Printing method brings its own unique effect.
  2. Screen Printing: Screen printing is the best method for printing simple logo designs onto ribbons.
  3. Sublimation printing – Sublimation printing is best for colorful logos on light colored ribbons.
  4. Metal pressing, foil pressing: If you want to print the design in gold or silver metallic colors, the metal pressing, foil pressing option ensures the best print.
  5. Screen Printing : Screen printing produces a slightly clear embossed print, creating a raised print with a 3D effect. This printing option is great if you want your logo or design to stand out from the ribbon it’s printed on.
  6. Combine – Combine the above printing options available for more complex logos.​

How is ribbon printing done?

Hadupack’s ribbon printing factory has satisfied many customers with its sharpness, color durability and the best price on the market!

First, choose the material and choose single-sided or double-sided printing. The basic difference can be distinguished from the surface of the ribbon, the Polyester surface is not bright, the satin surface is relatively bright, the one-sided ribbon on the other side will be rougher.

Print from 1-5 colors, print 1 or 2 sides. We offer a wide range of ribbon colors to ensure you can find the color you are looking for. Please see the color codes below and contact us at Hotline: +84 976 888 111.

  1. Ribbon material: silk fabric, paper fabric, satin, cotton…
  2. Size: Textile Mark provides all kinds of ribbons in sizes from 6mm – 50mm
  3. Free design and print samples upon request
  4. Completion time: 3-4 days. Door-to-door delivery, free shipping for large print orders

Where can I buy custom printed ribbons?

Hadupack always meets all customer requirements for ribbon printing, we help you express your personality and business style by combining text, colors, fonts and symbols in the best way. Our printed ribbons are affordable, easy to order, and quick to print.

Custom printed ribbons are versatile and are everyone’s favorite. Ribbon printing brings great efficiency compared to the amount of money spent.

  1. Retailers love it because it gives their product packaging a polished professional look.
  2. Big corporations and brands love it because it can be designed for any use, such as awards, seminars, corporate gifts and party decorations…
  3. Make gift wrapping look beautiful, take your retail products to the next level of professionalism, or even decorate a new sewing project with a soft ribbon.

Instructions for using printed ribbons

Printed ribbons can be used in a variety of ways. The most common use is to decorate personalized gift wrapping for birthdays, weddings, and celebration parties. They are also used a lot in retail because custom printed ribbons give a professional look to product packaging.
The creative uses of ribbon in event decorations are endless. Ribbon can be used to create bows, flowers, curled ribbons and other decorative accents.

  1. Wrapped around tables and chairs, wrapped around other items to create a cohesive look.
  2. Used to create unique and eye-catching backdrops for photography.
  3. Use them to tie napkins, decorate vases, bouquets, gifts, prizes​

Why is Hadupack a reputable ribbon printing place?

  1. Hadupack offers super fast, first class economical service, my company believes in creativity, attention to detail, style and sophistication.
  2. We have many types of satin ribbons, grosgrain ribbons, chiffon ribbons… for you to choose from.
  3. We control product quality strictly in the manufacturing factory.

Effects of ribbon printing on businesses

Products decorated with ribbons are an elegant and unique solution to create a new breath of life for your product, making it more attractive. Because:

  1. Increase brand recognition: One of the best things about ribbons is that they can increase brand recognition. Printing your brand logo on a ribbon tied on the packaging or product adds an interesting marketing strategy.
  2. Add elegance: Product presentation is important, especially when you want to entice customers to buy. Decorating each product with a ribbon will add a certain elegance. A customer feels a soft, silky ribbon when they open the packaging, creating an impressive, enjoyable, luxurious product experience.
  3. Create a memorable customer experience: Ribbons add decorative flair to products while also providing a unique experience for customers. Chances are you’ll remember opening a box with a pretty ribbon tied around it more than a box that’s simply covered in tape. By printing ribbons, you give your customers a memorable and unique experience.

Advantages of ribbon printing

  1. High-quality details: Ribbon printing is a creative way to express your brand. Ribbon printing uses high quality fabrics, our printing process can reproduce any subtle detail in your logo or design. Attention to detail allows for a specific look that cannot be achieved with lower quality fabrics or printing methods.
  2. Flexible design: The most attractive benefit is the ability to display any logo or design you want.
  3. Elegant branding: Ribbons are an elegant and professional solution that will represent your brand well. Whether you’re looking to add flair to your wrapping, or you want the perfect gift wrap, a ribbon can make an impact wherever you use it.

Benefits for ribbon printing customers at Hadupack:

  1. Free design of ribbon printing upon request
  2. Diverse materials meet all quality requirements
  3. Modern machinery with large capacity helps complete quickly, serving urgent and large orders
  4. The latest Offset printing technology and a team of skilled printers ensure finished products have high sharpness and sophistication.
  5. Direct, closed production process from design, printing, processing, delivery, so the ribbon printing price is the cheapest
  6. Completion time: 3-4 days
  7. Door-to-door delivery, free shipping for large print orders


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