Hang tags for clothing



Hang tags for clothing

Hadupack specializes in printing clothing tags and hang tags for clothing according to request, quality, and fashion standards. Print clothing hang tags in large quantities, diverse designs, cheap prices, high quality. Most businesses, companies, especially large and small fashion brands today, need to print these clothing tags. However, in order to print standard and exclusive clothing tags, you must understand the latest clothing tag printing specifications today. Details are compiled and shared by BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd. in the article below, please follow along.

What is clothing tag printing?

Also known as clothes hang tag. This is a small-sized card usually made from paper material and cut out with holes to conveniently hang it or attach it to fashion and clothing products for the purpose of promoting and promoting the brand image.

  • Clothing tags are also the place to contain basic information about the outfit such as material, size, price, instructions on how to use and preserve… helping customers better understand the product.
  • Clothing tags are often attached to certain fixed positions such as shirt ribs, collars, pants ribs, waistbands, etc.
  • Clothing tags are an indispensable part in the process of producing and bringing a fashion product to market.

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Some popular clothing label designs and sizes

There are many different types of clothing tags on the market, extremely diverse in shape and size. In addition to common designs such as rectangular, square, and bell-shaped tags, there are also many types of clothing tags with unique designs such as: Pencil shape, weight shape, oval shape, ellipse shape, nose shape name, circle, diamond shape, flower style…

Here are the most common types:

  • Rectangular clothes hang tag model: 30×54 mm, 45x45mm, 40×54 mm, 54x89mm, 27×89 mm.
  • Clothing hang tag model in diamond and hexagon shape: 30×45 mm.
  • Clothes hanger label model: round shape: 40×40 mm.
  • Clothing hang tag model: square, beveled, 4 sides: 40×40 mm.
  • Paper tag template has a rounded rectangular shape with 4 sides: 40×54 mm.
  • Clothing tag template with flower motif: 54×50 mm.
  • Clothing hang tag model with pencil pattern: 51×67 mm.

Why should you print clothing labels?

  • If you have a fashion business, printing tags is a must because the general psychology of today’s customers is to always look at tags before purchasing.
  • In today’s fashion market, any product without a tag proves that this item has little value. These can be counterfeit goods, old goods, poor quality goods… In addition, this also greatly affects the psychology of buyers.
  • For products with labels, shoppers do not have to worry too much about the quality of the product.
  • Although clothing tags are small in size, they have very effective brand promotion value. When your store owns exclusively and beautifully designed clothing tags, customers will have certain impressions of the product as well as the manufacturer. From there, it helps the brand become more known.

Types of paper suitable for printing clothing tags

  • Ivory paper: this is a thick uncoated paper, extremely high value, hard and elastic, smooth and high gloss, very suitable for printing high-end clothing tags.
  • Couche paper: coated with a high layer so the outside is always smooth, bright and very sticky with ink. There are two types of couche paper: a glossy one and a more matte one. Fashion tags made of couche material are an optimal solution because they are not only good in quality but also in price.
  • Bristol paper: this type of paper is stronger than couches paper if the paper weight is the same. Bristol paper material is also increasingly popular when making fashion tags because of its thickness and durability.
  • Duplex paper: is a type of thick paper created by pressing two layers of paper. One side is white and smooth, the other side is rougher and darker, often popular as cheap clothing tags.
  • Kraft paper: is a type of paper made from natural pulp that is not chemically bleached. Brown paper is usually durable and has good ink adhesion, suitable for making fashion tags for jeans.

Depending on the needs of quality, aesthetics and budget, units choose the appropriate paper quality to print tag cards.

Quantity of paper for printing shirt labels

  • Choosing paper weight plays an important role in determining the thickness, stiffness, durability, flexibility, etc. of the clothing hang tag.
  • You should choose tag printing paper with a weight of 200-400 gsm to ensure tag quality and ease of printing and processing without paper tearing or ink smudges due to too thin paper.
  • Quantity 300gsm is the most popular parameter currently advised by printing units for customers ordering clothing labels.

Technology for printing beautiful and impressive clothing hang tags

Currently, there are many technologies for printing clothing hang tags, however, units often prioritize using Offset printing technology with many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Images are sharp, not blurred by ink
  • Use quality ink
  • Diverse colors of paper still maintain higher quality because the printing paper is not in direct contact with the printer.
  • Can print in large quantities to save costs.

What information is printed on clothing tags?

Clothing tags need to have detailed and complete information about the product to provide to customers. The necessary information to print clothing labels is:

  • Print the product’s own brand and logo: Product labels cannot lack printing of the logo and brand name. It helps customers easily remember and recognize products.
  • Size information: Clothing size is extremely important to help customers choose the most suitable size. Clothing sizes will be different for each brand and attention should be paid to the issue of size and size printing during the label printing process.
  • Printing clothing material: Clothing material information will help customers recognize the product material. From there, make the most reasonable purchasing choice.
  • Print storage information and laundry instructions: This information will be very useful for customers to preserve and clean the product properly. This is also important information, demonstrating the professionalism of the clothing label sample.

Price for printing clothing labels

  • The cost of printing clothing hang tags depends greatly on the order quantity. Printing clothing tags costs cheaper the larger the quantity ordered.
  • Offset printed clothing tags printed in large quantities at very reasonable costs. This price is suitable even for small-scale businesses or newly established establishments that are not strong in economic factors.

Hadupack – factory that prints shirt labels according to quality requirements

Garment is an essential human need, so the need to print clothing tags is increasing day by day, and there are also more printing establishments providing this service.

With a variety of clothing tag printing units and competitive prices, customers may have difficulty choosing a suitable printing location for their business. However, no matter which printing unit you choose, you also need to pay attention to professionalism, production technology and appropriate printing cost to get a satisfactory clothing hang tag model.

Hadupack is the unit that meets the market requirements. With prestige and professionalism, we confidently bring the best quality and beautiful clothing tag publications. Up to now, Hadupack is one of the trusted printing partners of many garment companies and businesses. Quickly order printed clothing hang tags at Hadupack, customers will receive the following great benefits:

  • The quality of clothing hang tag samples meets standards.
  • Commit to printing on schedule as agreed.
  • Owning a modern factory and machinery line, direct production without intermediaries, printing clothing tags at the cheapest price on the market.
  • Supports free home delivery within the city for orders with minimum value
  • Accept printing according to customer requirements, support free design editing of clothing hang tag samples.

If you need to print clothing tags, please contact Hadupack immediately to receive advice, quotes with many unexpected incentives.