What is carton? The meaning of carton in packaging goods

In your daily life, there must have been at least once when you have seen cartons or cartons. Cartons or boxes are commonly used items to pack goods and products and protect them from unwanted collisions. So, do you know what carton is and the meaning of carton in packing goods yet? Do not leave the article below!

What is carton? Raw materials for the production of cartons

Before learning the meaning of carton in packaging goods, you

What is carton?

Carton (also known as carton paper, cardboard paper) is a popular type of paper in the packaging industry. This type of paper has at least 2 layers with 1 corrugated layer and lining. Many cases of carton paper are manufactured up to 9 layers intended for use with heavy goods. However, the most commonly seen carton products are still 3-layer and 5-layer cartons.

Not only has the function of protecting the goods inside, the carton can also be printed on the surface to effectively promote the brand.

Raw materials for the production of cartons

The next thing that is of interest is what is the raw material for the production of cartons? Currently, in the packaging industry, cartons are divided into 2 types:

  1. Ordinary carton: Composed of 74% paper, 22% polyethylene and 4% aluminum.
  2. Carton in low temperature environment: The composition is about 80% paper and 20% polyethylene.

And, normally, carton paper will be produced from recycled and used paper. Thanks to a system of specialized machines from paper recycling factories, the paper will be crushed until it becomes a powder. Going through stages such as cutting, die-cutting, printing … will be made into cartons.

The meaning of cartons in packing goods

After you have a clear understanding of the concept of carton, you need to understand the meaning of carton in packaging goods.

It can be said that the shipping and packaging industry is very developed, especially in the era of information technology. Customers do not seem to need to leave the house to still buy goods thanks to the online shopping service. Not only online stores, but all stores also provide delivery to customers.

In the goods manufacturing, transportation or logistics industry, cartons play an indispensable role. This is considered the leading packaging solution because thanks to the carton, the goods will be protected in the most optimal way to ensure intact to the consumer.

In addition, cartons also have the ability to promote the brand very well. Instead of just a smooth surface, stores and companies can print information, company names, brands, etc. to make an impression on customers. Consumers will easily identify the products and brands they want to buy in the fastest way.

An even more special meaning of packing goods with cartons is to help protect the environment. Cardboard paper is a biodegradable material and is made from recycled paper, so it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Address to supply prestigious and quality cartons

Understanding the great meanings of cartons in packaging goods, many shop owners, businesses or online shops are very interested in knowing where to supply reputable and quality cartons. The reason is because the demand for online shopping of customers is increasing rapidly.

To save shipping costs and ensure the best shipping process, you definitely need to find a reputable supplier.

Hadupack is known as a unit specializing in providing useful services to businesses and shops. Prominent among them is the service of providing cartons of all kinds to pack goods and products. More than anyone else, Hadupack understands that cartons are indispensable for businesses. Therefore, the company opened a factory specializing in the production of top quality cartons. The goal of BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd is to create high quality products with the best price.

In addition to providing cartons, Hadupack also provides additional services of adhesive tape, pe film, plastic bags…

The products Hadupack are providing to customers are:

  1. Carton box
  2. Sheet paper
  3. Paper packaging
  4. Paper Pallets
  5. Cartoon box
  6. Paper bags

Why should you choose Hadupack’s carton?

Currently on the market there are many companies and units that provide cartons, but why should you choose Hadupack’s carton?

The reason is because, Hadupack possesses many outstanding advantages that not all units have. That is:

  1. Diversify products in terms of design, size, color… to suit the packaging needs of customers
  2. A team of experienced consultants, ready to advise and support customers enthusiastically to get the most effective and economical packaging and shipping solutions.
  3. Fast delivery to ensure businesses, shops, fashion shops… do not interrupt business activities
  4. Best price, best offer

If you are looking to buy a large quantity of cartons and paper packaging for business and trading purposes, please quickly contact Hadupack via hotline +84 976 888 111. Make your requests and wishes to be consulted and supported by Hadupack’s staff.

Hopefully this article will help you understand all about carton as well as its meaning in packaging goods. Choosing Hadupack carton means that you have chosen the most efficient, economical and wise packaging solution.

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