Teflon High Temperature PTFE Tape



Teflon High Temperature PTFE Tape

Teflon Tape is also known as PTFE Tape, the main material is PTFE coated with glass fiber and coated with silicone adhesive on a smooth surface, non-stick, can be chemical resistant and high temperature resistant and heat insulation, used in the plastic packaging industry (packaging machine, vacuum press …), heat pressing, sealing, industrial electricity…

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  • ✓Fiberglass tape: Glass fiber (Glass cloth) + PTFE (Teflon) + Silicone Adhesive (Silicone adhesive)
  • ✓PTFE Film Tape: PTFE Film (thin PTFE film) + Silicone Adhesive (Silicone adhesive)

Product Features:

  • ✓Good resistance, can withstand low to high temperature -60°c ~ + 260°C, wide range of use.
  • ✓Non-adhesive properties: can clean sticky materials such as glue, turpentine, Coating, etc.
  • ✓Mechanical properties: no shape change after compression, lack of ring, stable size.
  • ✓Insulating material: Effective heat resistance, power access index 260, shortening the time of power consumption to less than 0.0025.
  • ✓Hard to melt, soluble with other substances.
  • ✓Anti-burn.
  • ✓Convenient to use, durable.

Product classification:

  • ✓Can be divided into Teflon fiberglass tape and Teflon tape.
  • ✓Color: black, coffee color, gray white, white…
  • ✓Tube size: 2.5cm and 7.6cm

Product application:

Heat-resistant tape is applied on materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, steel, metal, glass or glass, heat-resistant tape can replace bolts, screws ….


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