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Kraft paper tape and things to know

Kraft paper tape is used quite a lot in life, especially in the goods packaging industry. However, not everyone knows about this type of adhesive tape. Therefore, this article will share with you the characteristics of kraft paper tape and specific applications. Do not skip the article for more useful information.

What is kraft paper tape?

Kraft paper tape is also known as brown paper tape or cowhide tape. It has a base layer made of Kraft paper. This type of paper has many outstanding features such as toughness, mechanical strength and very good waterproofing. The glue layer is a natural rubber glue that can stick to many surfaces.

There are two types of kraft paper tape: writeable and non-writeable. In particular, the writing paper tape has a rough surface. It is often used to make stamps, labels, notes and product markings. Non-writing paper tape has a glossy surface, is waterproof, dustproof, and has better bearing capacity. It is used for gluing heavy cargo boxes.

Features of kraft paper tape

Paper tape has many outstanding advantages, because kraft paper is a type of paper with many outstanding characteristics compared to ordinary paper.

  1. High durability: The kraft paper material has strong toughness plus a durable adhesive layer over time. Therefore, everyone will be assured that the goods will still be carefully protected even when transported long distances.
  2. Good heat resistance: Kraft paper tape can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius. This is why it can be used in harsh industrial environments. The glue layer does not melt because of the high temperature.
  3. Adhesive on even uneven surfaces: KRAFT tape wraps well around the edges of boxes and boxes, ensuring that the goods are wrapped tightly and securely.
  4. Environmentally friendly: Kraft paper is a type of recycled paper. It is made from the chemical pulp of soft wood, through the Kraft process, and is very biodegradable. Therefore, Kraft tape is environmentally friendly.

With these characteristics, Kraft paper tape has many applications in life and industry.

Some applications of kraft paper tape

Kraft paper tape is used in many different fields:

  1. Packing goods, especially those that are heavy and need to be transported long distances, for export.
  2. Used to paste products in the electrical, textile, garment …
  3. Use pictures, decorate the interior of the home and office
  4. Used in the paint industry to create beautiful two-color sequential paint lines, ensuring aesthetics.
  5. Use carpet and floor stickers to prevent scratches caused by collisions after use.

Where to buy kraft paper tape?

Kraft paper tape has many outstanding advantages and is widely used. Therefore, you can find this product in many stores and companies that specialize in adhesive tape. Hadupack adhesive tape is a tape manufacturing company trusted by many customers thanks to its quality products. This is also a place where you can find Kraft paper tape in many different widths and thicknesses.

When you come to buy directly at the company, the consultant will assist you to choose the product line that best suits your needs and costs. You are completely assured when buying products at BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd because each product is guaranteed for durability, adhesion, as well as the best purchasing and after-sales policies.



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