PVC Tape



Warning PVC tape may not be common in normal life, but it is an indispensable product in factories, bridges and roads, warehouses, etc. What is newspaper? Let’s find out more information in the article below.

PVC Tape
PVC Tape

What is adhesive tape?

Warning tape (background tape) is a type of tape that is composed of a layer of fluorescent powder that glows and reflects. Warning tape is an indispensable product to ensure safety on works such as:

  • ✓ Construction;
  • ✓Transport works;
  • ✓Used to divide the area or guide the way…

This type of tape is specifically designed to glue floors and floors in industrial parks, factories, and factories with the main purpose of marking or classifying areas. Therefore, it is often consumed in large quantities by businesses. In addition, you may also encounter floor tape in construction areas or warning signs.


What is English background tape?

In English, floor tape means floor tape

Types of adhesive tapes, floor stickers:

  • ✓Yellow background tape
  • ✓ Yellow and black striped background tape
  • ✓ Blue background tape
  • ✓Green background tape
  • ✓White background tape with blue stripes
  • ✓White background tape with red stripes
  • ✓Red background tape

Structure of factory floor adhesive tape:

Like other common tapes, factory floor tapes are made up of 2 layers. The base layer is flexible and strong PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). The other layer is a special super glue layer. This type of tape has a number of characteristic properties such as waterproof, resistant to great external forces, anti-slip surface creates great friction, super good heat resistance. Therefore, adhesive tape is an indispensable thing in industrial parks and factories.

Because of the similar structure, people often confuse the background tape with Simili tape. However, there is a pretty clear way to distinguish these two types of tape, which is that the background tape is more durable, heat-resistant, and stronger than Simili tape. Moreover, most of the background tapes are designed with prominent colors of black – yellow, red – white, blue – black… to do well in its warning and classification tasks.

Application of background tape:

As mentioned above, the background tape has many different applications, mainly used to guide the way, divide the area in the factory, warn the dangerous area at construction sites. Specifically:

Backing tape has a wide range of applications:

  • ✓In industrial zones: At the enterprise level, people use adhesive tape to separate the different production areas, warn the area where the machinery is in operation or mark the items in stock or out of stock. … for easier management.
  • ✓In the field of roads and bridges: Instead of painting lines and erecting too many barriers, bridge workers often use background tape for the purpose of warning pedestrians. Because of its ability to glow in the dark, this is the fastest – most compact – light warning measure available today!
  • ✓In parking tunnels: In parking lots, people often use floor masking tape to divide parking areas in order to classify which areas to park motorbikes, bicycles, cars… It’s a plan to help people easier management and control than to a disorganized way.
  • vIn the warehouse: When applying background tape in the warehouse, people use it for the purpose of marking different types of goods, dividing separate goods areas for a more scientific arrangement and Import and export process is also faster…

Hadupack PVC warning tape is committed to meeting the following criteria:

  • ✓Good adhesion, can stick on a variety of surfaces.
  • ✓Beautiful, clear colors help highlight the marked area.
  • ✓High quality Rubber glue composition.
  • ✓Standard Polyvinyl Chloride Tape Film provides excellent toughness.
  • ✓Various sizes and specifications make it easy for customers to choose.
  • ✓Good heat resistance: From 4 to 77 degrees Celsius, best used from 16 to 29 degrees Celsius.


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