Clay Desiccant Packs

Clay Desiccant Packs

Clay desiccant is widely used in the process of dehumidifying industrial products for export: apparel, shoes.
sandals, handicrafts, wooden furniture … With packages of 2g, 5gr, 10gr, 20gr, 50gr, 200g …and according to customer’s request.

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What is Clay Desiccant?

Clay desiccant is made from activated clay, a naturally-occurring mineral with the ability to absorb moisture in the air, in contrast to the properties of other synthetic moisture-absorbing materials. Clay desiccant absorbs moisture through physical and chemical reactions without changing its shape. Clay desiccant absorbs and binds water molecules throughout its inner and outer surface. Clay desiccant is considered an effective and economical hygroscopic material besides other desiccant such as Silica Gel or Cancilum Chloride Powder.

Advantages and disadvantages of clay desiccant package:

• Advantage:

  • • The first advantage of clay desiccant is that it has the ability to absorb moisture slowly, long-term and higher than Silicagel, with this ability, the products will be protected in a stable and long-term way, even though the package is not sealed, but the product does not need high moisture resistance can still reach the other side of the ocean without affecting product quality.
  • • The second advantage of clay desiccant is that it is environmentally friendly, because it is clay, these products will be returned to the environment after use without causing any harm to soil or water quality. That is why some buyers in the United States, Or EU, Japan with high standards choose clay because of this great friendliness.

• Defect:

Because clay desiccant absorbs slowly, so products that need a quick dry environment can’t meet the requirements of clay desiccant, so then people switch to silicagel desiccant instead, because of its ability to absorb water quickly, strongly, even immediately, it will provide the best protection for products, especially electronic components, computers that need a dry environment to immediately respond to clay particles.

Application: Clay desiccant is used in many fields such as:

  1. Clothing, shoes, handicrafts, furniture, interior and exterior.
  2. Drugs and pharmaceutical products
  3. Products from seeds
  4. Food, vegetables, packaged fruit, canned
  5. Medicines and medical instruments.
  6. Machines of all kinds.

Where to buy clay desiccant package?

If you have a need for clay desiccant packages, need to find a place to sell clay desiccant or silica gel desiccant of all types, sizes and weights, with the ability to manufacture according to order requirements, please contact BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd. is a reputable address, supplying and wholesale of moisture-proof products, clay desiccant packs, silica gel at Hadupack, meeting the world’s needs of desiccants of all regions.

Packing weight: 2g, 3gr, 5gr, 10gr, 20gr, 30gr, 50gr, 200g or according to customer’s request