Nylon Gloves disposable



Nylon Gloves disposable

Nylon gloves are made from HDPE (Hight Density Poly Ethylene) virgin plastic granules, this type of plastic granules has high durability, and a number of other plastic industry additives to get a glove with the highest durability, not Tear, does not rust even when exposed to chemicals. Disposable nylon gloves are used in many applications from industry and agriculture to applications in daily life such as: food production and processing, dye industry, paint industry…

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Nylon gloves are a multi-purpose product that helps you protect your hands when exposed to dirt and toxic chemicals when washing, cleaning the house, dyeing hair…

  1. Gloves also help you ensure food safety and hygiene when working in the kitchen and preparing food.
  2. HDPE plastic material combines biodegradable additives, extremely friendly to the environment.
  3. Extremely convenient one-time use product.

How to use disposable nylon gloves?

Disposable plastic gloves are familiar to you. But its versatility is hard to imagine. Disposable gloves are suitable for use in the following jobs:

  1. Use when cleaning furniture and items in the office, home, and kitchen
  2. Use with labor protection clothing at factories, plants, and workshops
  3. Use at hospitals, clinics, pharmacies to limit the spread of bacteria (especially in preventing Covid 19 epidemic)
  4. Use at restaurants and hotels to ensure cleanliness and formality
  5. Use to isolate hand skin from chemicals when painting doors or dyeing hair
  6. Use to clean machinery and objects containing grease and lubricants
  7. Use when cooking to ensure cleanliness and safety for your health and skin.​

Plastic glove factory – Hadupack

Hadupack factory specializes in manufacturing nylon gloves with high quality and diverse sizes. Having extensive experience in the field of manufacturing and distributing plastic bags, we are committed to providing customers with the best quality products to meet all of your needs. Furthermore, Hadupack also owns a modern machinery with large production capacity, which can meet the needs of producing large quantities of nylon gloves for customers.

Nylon gloves are a type of glove commonly used today thanks to its convenience and ability to protect hand skin and food hygiene and safety during work. Widely used in the food processing industry, healthcare or in cases of working in toxic chemical environments, this is a useful product that helps people a lot in daily life.

Nylon gloves are easy to use, gentle to manipulate and ensure flexibility and dexterity when operating continuously, so they are often chosen by food production businesses for their factories.

Note: Plastic gloves can only be used once after use, so they should be collected in recyclable waste.

Experience in producing nylon gloves

With many years of experience in the field of manufacturing nylon gloves, Hadupack has been cooperating with agents, stores, and restaurants nationwide, always committed to providing stable quality products at low prices. best in the market for our customers.

Nylon gloves are produced in two sizes to suit the hand size of men and women. The product has the right thickness to ensure contact between hands and other objects.

The fastest way to receive a price quote for plastic gloves

Please contact us for advice and specific quotes for each size of plastic gloves. You can prepare the basic information below so that Hadupack consultants can assist you in fastest possible time.

Quantity of production of food gloves that you desire

Provide the number of food gloves you need to produce to receive the most accurate quote.

Time to complete production of the quantity of plastic gloves you desire

To ensure production time for all orders, Hadupack sets an estimated timeframe for bag production of 2 – 3 days depending on the quantity and requirements of each order.

If you need the goods in a shorter time than the expected time at Hadupack, you can talk to a consultant so we can adjust and arrange production accordingly.

Plastic gloves Packaging specifications

Please let us know your individual packaging requirements. Or Hadupack will be packaged according to the factory’s common method of packing into small bundles, each small bundle is 1kg wrapped in a bag and packed into a large bag with a weight of 20kg.


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