Plastic Mailing Bags



Plastic Mailing Bags

BiNa Vietnam Packaging specializes in manufacturing sealed bags used to pack goods at cheap, reputable and quality prices in Hanoi. If you are an online business and regularly package goods to send to customers, you should not ignore the sealed bag product. Specialized packing room used to pack clothes, products…

If you don’t know what a sealed bag is, don’t skip the article below! Hadupack Packaging will share with you all the information about PE packaging bags, please refer to it.

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1. Sealing bag characteristics

Using traditional methods of packaging goods not only takes a lot of time, costs money to hire workers, but also does not bring professionalism and is not guaranteed during the transportation process.

So today, many businesses, especially online businesses, have switched to using packaging bags that can be used to package clothes, products, cosmetics, also known as sealed bags.

1.1 What is a sealed bag?

Sealed packing bags, also known as packing bags, COD packing bags… This is a high quality packaging product. The bag is made from high-quality PE plastic beads, so it has high toughness, safety, and excellent impact resistance.

In particular, the bag is designed with a layer of super-adhesive tape on the top of the bag to help easily close the bag. This ensures that the product inside is protected safely, avoiding the risk of goods falling during transportation and packaging time.

In addition, the reason this type of bag is called a sealed bag is also because of the super sticky tape at the mouth of this bag. Just press it and it will be firmly attached. The bag cannot be opened unless it is torn, so any signs of opening the goods will be detected.

1.2 Regarding packing bag material

Sealed packaging bags are made from PE and PP plastic beads. There are 2 types of PE plastic used to produce PE bags: virgin PE plastic (producing pink, white PE packaging bags…) and recycled PE plastic used to produce blue and black sealed bags.

  1. Sealed bags are highly durable, very tough, difficult to tear.
  2. PE packing bags are more resistant to friction and impact than regular nylon.
  3. The bag has two sturdy heat-sealed edges, is effectively waterproof, and extremely moisture-proof, ensuring the goods are always safe in the hands of consumers.
  4. Sealed packing bags are compact, lightweight and cost-effective compared to cartons.
  5. COD packing bags are made from 2 layers of PE film, which are very tough and safe.
  6. The mouth of the bag has a strong adhesive layer so you can only tear the bag to get the goods.
  7. PE packaging bags have high aesthetics and outstanding professionalism for packaging when delivered to customers.
  8. COD packing bags pack quickly, saving warehouse manpower.

​1.3 Packaging bag size

PE packaging bags come in many sizes, from small to medium and large sizes, which are extremely convenient. You can refer to some PE sealed bag sizes below.

  1. Size 17×30: suitable for packing underwear and compact cosmetics
  2. Size 20×30: Suitable for ordering 1 adult spring-summer product (dresses, T-shirts, t-shirts, children’s clothes)
  3. Size 25×35: Suitable for an adult order of 2 thin products or 1 thick product
  4. Size 28×42: Suitable for 2 medium items or 1 large item (jeans, shirts) or 2-4 items of children’s clothing and accessories
  5. Size 38×52: Suitable for orders of 2-3 adult products, or 1 piece with an adult jacket, vest, backpack, shoe box…
  6. Size 45×60: Suitable for packaging large products such as backpacks, book bags, diapers…

Sealing bag applications

Sealed bags for clothing, products, etc. with a design with a glued mouth or a zippered mouth are very convenient for preserving and packaging products.

Sealed packaging bags have very diverse applications, suitable for many industries such as: packaging fashion clothes, cosmetics, and all kinds of products.

  1. Packaging of exported clothing: PE sealed bags with beautiful designs, quality, and the ability to print super beautiful brand logos, so exported goods always show their own class.
  2. Packing clothes for postage: Choosing PE packaging bags helps increase packaging efficiency, saving labor costs 5 times.
  3. Courier bag: Packed faster so the delivery process is extremely fast.
  4. Sealed bags for packaging accessories: Handbags, wallets, sandals…
  5. Sealed bag containing makeup tools: hair curler, makeup set, cosmetics, small to large makeup palette, cheek brush, hair curler, makeup set.
  6. Stationery products: A4 size contract papers, or some other types of papers, drawings, catalogs…

BiNa Vietnam packaging company

BiNa Vietnam Packaging is a reputable and quality packaging printing address for customers. We provide a full range of sealing bag printing services for printing PA, PE, PP bags… with many types and designs to fully meet the needs of users.

Hadupack packaging is a direct processing unit, without intermediaries, committed to the cheapest price on the market but still ensuring quality standards. We own modern technical machinery, and provide diverse designs and free designs, plus a team of professional and experienced staff, guaranteed to make you satisfied.

4.1 Order receiving process

  1. Step 1: Receive customer requests
  2. Step 2: Consulting on the style, color and size of bags/packaging
  3. Step 3: Quote product price
  4. Step 4: Sign the contract after both parties have agreed
  5. Step 5: Design demo and test and approve before printing
  6. Step 6: Print bags according to the required quantity
  7. Step 7: Payment and delivery on time as agreed in the contract

4.2 Service commitment

With dedication to the profession and the desire to bring the best products to customers, Hadupack Printing Company would like to commit to:

  1. Print the correct model, quantity and quality as required
  2. Printing ink is sharp and durable.
  3. Advanced and modern printing technology
  4. Printing material is guaranteed
  5. Competitive price
  6. Fast printing time
  7. On time delivery

In particular, our company also has many preferential policies for customers who need to order large quantities regularly.



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