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3M Tapes

Genuine 3M glue, present in more than 200 countries around the world, of course, 3M adhesive tapes are also popular in Vietnam market for many years. Super-adhesive 3M glue, appreciated for its quality, adhesion, durability over time, resistance to harsh weather conditions…

What is 3M Tape?

3M Tape is a genuine tape manufactured by 3M Corporation under the American brand, famous since 1980. Super-adhesive, genuine 3M tape is one of the best types on the market today with a wide range of products. products and applications in many different industries. 3M VietNam is headquartered in District 7, 3M adhesive tape distributors in Vietnam must have a distribution authorization letter to be reliable.

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Is genuine 3M tape good?

Genuine 3M tape is one of the most recognized, durable, quality tapes that are popular in Vietnam and around the world. Not only in terms of quality but also in terms of appearance. The design and packaging of 3M adhesive tape is beautiful and extremely professional. Printed information and images are difficult to be faked, so it helps customers feel more secure when buying products as well as protects 3M’s reputation when conducting multinational business as it is now.

Some common features of 3M adhesive tapes:

  1. The bearing capacity of most products is very good.
  2. Beautiful glue surface design, aesthetic.
  3. Sticks on many surfaces: PVC, tile, wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc.
  4. Moisture resistance.
  5. Good heat resistance, depending on the type and price, there will be different heat amplitudes to meet the safety of the adhesive position.
  6. High applicability, used in families, offices, schools, especially technical tapes are manufactured according to proprietary formulas, have high durability, are commonly used in machinery manufacturing, interior design,…
  7. Wide production date, long use time, buy in bulk to use gradually without losing quality.
  8. Easy to use.
  9. Easy to store.
  10. Hard to be faked, so feel safe when using.
  11. Production parameters are exactly as advertised, ensuring prestige and quality.
  12. With a wide range of products, clearly classified by parameters, customers can easily find the products they need.

Price of genuine US 3M tape

The price of genuine American 3M adhesive tape manufactured in the US depends on different types, the price will be different, the average price of 3M adhesive tape for popular lines, for home use, stationery costs from 40,000 VND / roll. As for the technical tapes, which are manufactured with high technology, good quality, and are applied for electrical and thermal insulation, etc., the price is at least from 90,000 VND/roll. At Hai Au, the price of genuine 3M tape will be further discounted when customers buy in bulk, in large quantities.

Types of 3M Tapes:

Double-sided 3M Adhesive Tape:

3M double-sided adhesive tape is one of the best-selling 3M adhesive tape products in the market ever. Adhesive tape has many different versions with separate applications, can stick to the surface of cloth, rubber, mica, plastic, mirror, glass… The double-sided adhesive layer is thin but extremely durable and tight. Some glue lines must use techniques, tools and chemicals to be able to act and separate. Genuine 3M double-sided adhesive has thin properties, so it can also be applied to positions that need to be cut and stamped according to mold, high pressure, and heat resistant.

Genuine 2 sided 3M tape lines available for sale at Hadupack include:

  1. 3M Double Sided Tape 4229P
  2. 3M 467MP Double Sided Tape
  3. 3M 468MP Double Sided Tape
  4. 3M 9075 . Double-sided Tape
    3M 90775 . Double-sided Tape
  5. 3M 9088 . Double Sided Tape
  6. 3M Double Sided Tape 93010LE
  7. 3M Double Sided Tape 93015LE
  8. 3M Double Sided Tape 93020LE
  9. 3M Double Sided Tape 9448a
  10. 3M Double Sided Tape 9471LE
  11. 3M 9480 . Double Sided Tape
  12. 3M Double Sided Tape 9495LE
  13. 3M 950 . Double Sided Tape
  14. 3M Double-sided Tape 9774
  15. 3M 9832 . Double-sided Tape
  16. 3M GT7108 . Double-sided Tape
  17. 3M Heat Resistant Double Sided Tape 9472LE

3M . Heat Resistant Tape

3M thermal tape is manufactured from materials with good heat resistance. Depending on the type, the glue will have different temperature amplitudes. The glue surface can reflect well, resist UV rays, withstand temperature fluctuations and continuous impacts.

Some lines of genuine 3M US heat-resistant tape are sold in Hadupack such as:

  1. 3M Heat Resistant Double Sided Tape 9472LE
  2. 3M 425 . Heat Resistant Tape
  3. 3M Heat Resistant Tape 8992
  4. 3M . Waterproof Tape
  5. 3M waterproof tape is a popular tape used because it is suitable for hot and humid climates, with a lot of rain. Applied for interior and mostly adhesive for outdoor construction works, helping to prevent leaking of ceilings, wall slots, water pipes, broken brass pots, etc.

Some of the best selling 3M waterproof tapes at Haduapack are:

  1. 3M 3900 . Waterproof Tape
  2. 3M Waterproof Tape 4411N
  3. 3M . Anti-slip Tape
  4. 3M anti-slip tape, also known as 3M 610 Safety-Walk anti-slip tape, has 3 main colors: black, dark gray and light gray. 3M anti-slip tape has elastic texture, strong adhesive, durable use time under all environmental impacts, force impacts. The adhesive surface can be slip-resistant in wet, fall-proof areas such as locker rooms, swimming pools, gyms. The surface can be anti-slip when there is vacuum contact or wearing shoes is fine.

Specialized 3M tape for flexo printing:

Specialized 3M tape for flexographic printing has the ability to release gas by special adhesive technology, mainly applied in flexographic printing technology thanks to its ability to resist peeling of edges on printing plates. Specialized 3M tape for flexographic printing has medium adhesive density, suitable when combining many separate material sheets to print on the same sheet in one time, suitable for complex printing conditions, making printing Thick or small materials are many times easier.

3M tempered tape:

3M tempered tape can stick to the surface and bear weight up to tens of kg depending on the size of glue being cut and used.

3M adhesive tape:

3M adhesive tape is produced with many different colors to increase identification when pasting on the substrate surface, marking dangerous locations, etc. Many applications in industries, do not require high properties. technique.

Transparent 3M Tape:

3M transparent adhesive tape is mainly used for gluing transparent surfaces and still retains high aesthetics, does not cover loss of plane when a joint is required. Clear 3M acrylic adhesive tape can improve productivity, reduce vibration, increase productivity and construction efficiency.

Why should you buy genuine 3M tape at Hadupack?

  1. Hadupack is the official distributor of prestigious 3M adhesive tapes for many years
  2. Only distribute genuine adhesive tape, new date, new goods, do not mix poor quality return products for customers.
  3. Buying 3M tape at Hadupack, customers can choose from a variety of products to suit their needs.
  4. Competitive price, cheap price of 3M tape because Hadupack is a large distributor, importing good price tape from the company.
  5. Customers who do not know how to use it, do not know what type of glue to buy, leave information and will be consulted by Hadupack for free.

With many years of experience in the field of distributing genuine 3M tapes as well as on-site production of all kinds of tapes, Hadupack is confident in product quality as well as price compared to other units in the market. Customers can leave information, Hadupack will contact in 5 minutes, provide professional online advice and ship goods to customers who buy 3M tape.


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