Double-sided PE foam tape



Double-sided PE foam tape

PE foam double-sided tape is based on PE e-foam and PE high-density foam, coated with high-performance oil acrylic adhesive on both sides and can be widely used on automobiles, wall decoration, ceramics and surfaces wooden surface. The density of PE foam surface is 18 times, 15 times, 10 times, 8 times, 5 times (for cars) foaming optio.

  1. Features: PE foam as base material, double-sided adhesive, strong adhesion, excellent shock absorption performance, anti-cracking.
  2. Application: Excellent fast bonding performance, suitable for rough and irregular surfaces, paste nameplates, picture frames, signs, mirrors, maps, etc., can be die cut, mainly used Used to repair and connect interior and exterior parts of automobiles, electronic accessories Packaging, glass gaskets, etc.

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Physical parameters:

Model DPE-01 DPE-07 DPE-09
Substrate / Backing 15 times PE foam/15T PE foam 15 times PE foam/15T PE foam 20 times PE foam/20T PE foam
Adhesive/Adhesive Imported acrylic glue/imported Acrylic Solvent Based Domestic acrylic glue/Local Acrylic Solvent Based Domestic acrylic glue/Local Acrylic Solvent Based
Initial tack/Tack ≥10﹟ ≥12﹟ ≥8﹟
Peeling force / 180°Peeling ≥12N/25mm ≥12N/25mm ≥6N/25mm
Holding power/Holding Power ≥24hrs ≥12hrs ≥4hrs
Temperature resistance/Temperature resistance 120℃ 110℃ 9℃
Thickness 0.8-3mm 0.8-3mm 1-6mm
color White/black/grey (white/black/grey) White/black/grey (white/black/grey White/black/grey (white/black/grey)


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