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Tesa Tapes – Tesa Hai Phong Adhesive Technology Co., Ltd

Tesa Tapes is a product of Tesa Hai Phong Tape Technology Co., Ltd. One of the world’s largest adhesive tape manufacturers, tesa tape products are known for their excellent quality.

Company name Tesa Hai Phong adhesive tape technology Co., Ltd; The head office is located at the industrial park, land lot CN2A, Service and Marine Industrial Park (DEEP C2B), in Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone, Dong Hai 2 Ward, Hai An District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam Male. The business area of the adhesive tape company is wholly foreign owned, occupying an area of 70,000 square meters.

Tesa tape company was originally one of the three main business units of Beiersdorf AG in Germany, the other two major business units of Beiersdorf AG include the well-known brands NIVEA (skin care products) and HANSAPLAST (skin care products) medical tape). In April 2001, tesa tape was officially established as a subsidiary of Beiersdorf AG: tesa SE.

Beiersdorf AG was founded in Germany in 1882. Today it has more than 17,000 employees, working in 33 countries, devoted to the development, production and promotion of the company’s various products. tesa branded magnetic tape products have also been manufactured and sold around the world since 1936. Tesa currently has more than 800 types of adhesive tape products sold in more than 100 countries around the world.

Tesa Hai Phong Adhesive Technology Co., Ltd focuses on developing a wide range of industrial adhesive tape products with multiple uses based on rich business experience and professional technical achievements. These adhesive tape products have been widely used in automotive, electronics, electrical, smart cards, packaging and other industries.

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According to the characteristics, it can be divided into double-sided tape and single-sided tape

According to the background material

  1. Double-sided adhesive for non-woven substrates (including non-woven substrates coated with acrylic adhesive on both sides): such as tesa 4959, tesa 68646, tesa 60975.
  2. PVC double-sided adhesive (including PVC double-sided acrylic adhesive): such as tesa 4970, tesa 4968.
  3. PET-based double-sided adhesives (including PET-based double-sided acrylic adhesives): such as tesa 4967, tesa 4972, tesa 4983…; hot melt adhesive film: such as tesa 8475, tesa 8432.
  4. Insulating tape: such as tesa 4287, tesa 4298PV0…

Tesa double-sided adhesive should be selected according to product application and environmental needs, please refer to the following guide:

  1. 1. The double-sided adhesion and processability of the non-woven fabric substrate are good. In general, the long-term temperature resistance is 70-80°C, the short-term temperature resistance is 100-120°C, the thickness is generally 0.08-0.15MM. It is suitable for nameplate and plastic sticker.It is widely used in automobile, mobile phone, electrical appliance, sponge, rubber, signboard, paper product, toy and other industries. other, assemble home appliances and electronic instrument parts and display lenses.
  2. 2. PVC-based double-sided adhesive has excellent adhesion effect, can resist falling off, good machinability, short-term temperature resistance is 60°C, long-term temperature resistance is 70 °C, the thickness is generally 0.2MM. Suitable for making molds and decorative details in the furniture industry Fixing and fixing load-bearing parts in the electronics industry.
  3. 3. PET base double-sided adhesive has good temperature resistance and strong shear resistance, normally long-term temperature resistance is 100-125°C, short-term temperature resistance is 150- 200°C, the thickness is generally 0.048-0.2MM. It is suitable for nameplates and LCD displays, decorations, bonding of decorative parts.
  4. 4. Hot melt adhesive film has good consistency, uniform bonding thickness, solvent free, easy to process, good adhesion to many objects, 0.1MM thickness, translucent/amber color, hot melt Soft temperature is 116-123°C. It is suitable for gluing nameplates, plastics and hardware, also good results can be achieved by sticking on uneven surfaces. The recommended initial bonding conditions are: temperature 132-138°C, gluing time 1-2 seconds, pressure 10 – 20psi.

Once the tesa double-sided adhesive is bonded, it needs to be operated in the following way to achieve enhanced bonding performance:

  1. Clean and dry the adhesive surface first. Normally, it is recommended to dip a cloth with a 1:1 mixture of IPA (isopropanol) and water to wipe and clean the surface, then wait for the surface to dry completely.
  2. After the cleaning solvent is dry, apply the adhesive tape to the adhesive surface and apply a pressure of about 15PSI (1.05 kg/cm2) with a roller or other means for the tape to adhere effectively.
  3. Tear off the release paper of the tape, then stick the material to be bonded and apply 15PSI pressure to make it bond effectively. If it is necessary to remove air bubbles, the pressure must be increased and be able to withstand the upper limit of the item.
  4. Ideal temperature for gluing is 15-38°C, not lower than 10°C.
  5. When applying tape, it is recommended to apply one end first, and then slowly press the other end to reduce the possibility of air bubbles.

Suitable environment requirements for storing tesa double-sided tape: temperature 19-23°C, humidity 40-60%.

Introduction of commonly used tesa tape samples

TESA tape is an adhesive product launched by the famous tape supplier Tesa. It has good aging and shear resistance, good solvent resistance, soft resistance and moisture resistance, and has excellent processing performance and temperature resistance.

It meets the requirements of ROHS and halogen environmental regulations, and is mainly used for bonding and fixing nameplates of mobile phones and LCD screens. There are many types and models of tesa tesa tape. Below are some commonly used tesa tesa tape samples.

  1. Main tesa tape models: tesa4975, tesa4963, tesa4926, tesa51206, tesa51414, tesa51416, tesa51926, tesa51970, tesa51975, tesa61320, tesa51410, tesa61532, tesa68532, tesa6856853 tesa68582, tesa68585, tesa68614
  2. Tesa hot melt adhesive tape: tesa8401, tesa8402, tesa8431, tesa8432
  3. Tesa 4613, tesa4651, tesa4657, tesa4660, tesa4661, tesa4662, tesa4664, tesa4688 tape
  4. Double-sided tape (non-woven fabric substrate): tesa68623, tesa68634, tesa68645, tesa68646, tesa60980, tesa60933, tesa60975, tesa4959, tesa4987, tesa60976, tesa4940
  5. Tesa tape series: tesa4235, tesa4236, tesa51235, tesa51236, tesa7496
  6. Foam substrate: tesa52015, tesa52017, tesa52115, tesa52117, tesa52020, tesa52021, tesa52022, tesa52120, tesa52121, tesa52122, tesa52123, tesa52220, tesa52221, tesa52222, tesa52060
  7. Corrugated cardboard splicing tape: tesa4962, tesa7158, tasa50607
  8. Tape series: tesa4231, tesa4232, tesa52450
  9. Double-sided tape (porous substrate): tesa4976, tesa4977, tesa4952, tesa4957, tesa4978
  10. Double-sided tape (PET substrate): tesa4983, tesa51983, tesa4972, tesa51972, tesa4980, tesa51980, tesa4982, tesa51982, tesa4720, tesa4928, tesa51928, tesa4967, tesa51967, tesa54965, tesa54965, tesa4965

TESA tape is widely used in new energy vehicles, electronics, aerospace and rail vehicle interiors to provide reliable bonding, ensuring excellent electrical performance, aesthetics, durability and reliability as well as durability.




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