Custom printed tape



Custom printed tape

With a factory scale of more than 2000m2 and a modern Mark Andy printer system, Hadupack is currently the main partner in producing logo printing tapes for many big partners such as Shopee, Mega Market, FPT, GHN… meet strict requirements on quality and production capacity.

Customers can register to visit the factory directly during office hours. All adhesive tapes printed with logos are warranted by Hadupack 1 for 1 within 1 year from the date of delivery (including printing errors, durability). The printing shaft is permanently warranted by Hadupack, stored for customers or directly maintained by customers.

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Logo printed tape – a silent “advertising weapon”

Logo printed tape made from OPP has the same features as carton tape, but is less widely used due to its higher cost.

The highlight of this tape is the company name, logo will be printed directly on the surface for the purpose of product identification and reminder. Further, consumers have a higher level of trust in products packaged with private-brand tape.

The advantages of businesses when using logo printing tape

  1. Unique: Adhesive tape with logo printed not all businesses can do it. In the market, the number of businesses using logo printing tape accounts for only a very small part compared to normal tape. This creates the uniqueness of the company’s products when compared to competitors.
  2. Distinguishing real and fake goods: Logo-printed adhesive tape is also a simple way for customers to identify real and fake goods and is a barrier to prevent competitors from intending to copy products.
  3. Cost savings: Instead of using expensive branded cartons on all 6 layers, you only need one layer of tape with a prominent logo printed on it, which is more than enough for customers to remember your products.
  4. Free advertising: When opening a carton, what will customers focus on the most? The answer cannot be otherwise: adhesive tape, and now logo printed tape will be a better advertising weapon, helping customers remember the brand for a long time.

Features and structure of Hadupack logo printing tape


Adhesive tape printed with Hadupack logo and text is composed of 4 parts:

  • ✓The base uses OPP film material which is durable, tough, and stretchable.
  • ✓The acrylic adhesive part uses polarization technology, which helps to adhere strongly, evenly, without peeling. The glue surface is uniform without foaming or blistering.
  • ✓The logo color part is located between the background layer and the glue layer, so that the colors are displayed sharply, without smearing or fading under the influence of weather and external forces.
  • ✓The core is made of paper or plastic, the cut is neat without burrs (excess details), does not rot if soaked in water.
    The printing layer is located between the OPP film and the glue layer, so Hadupack tape has a higher color fastness than normal tape.


  • ✓Prints mixed colors, up to 10 colors.
  • ✓Colors displayed are sharp, do not blur, fade
  • ✓Strong adhesion, high tensile strength, elongation up to 170%.
  • ✓Anti-oxidation, resistant to rain and sun
  • ✓Diverse in categories: branded adhesive tapes, text-printed adhesive tapes (fragile goods, thank you, promotions…), logo-printed paper tapes, small-sized logo-printed tapes for gluing the lids of coffee and milk tea cups. , gift box…

Price list for making adhesive tape with logo printed in Hadupack

The price of logo printing tape depends on the following main factors:

1. Tape Roll Size: Including length, width, stickiness, core material (paper core, plastic core). The most common type of printed adhesive tape is 4.8cm wide x 90m long (6 rolls/tree). Hadupack is capable of producing all sizes of adhesive tapes with logo printed on request.

2. Number of colors printed on the tape: The more colors printed tape, the higher the price because each color will need to make a separate copper axis. On average, for each additional color, the unit price will increase from 1,500 to 2,000 VND/roll.

Hadupack has the ability to flexibly print 10 colors at the same time, but in our experience, you should only use up to 3 basic colors. This both saves costs and ensures the aesthetics of the tape.

3. Tape background: There are 3 basic types of adhesive tape background: clear background, white background and colored background. In which, the price of adhesive tape printed with logo in transparent background is the cheapest, followed by white background and color background. If you want to make cheap logo printing tape, you should choose a clear background. This is the option chosen by many businesses to save costs, of which Tiki branded tape is a prominent example.

4. Gravure printing shaft (copper shaft): Hadupack is currently manufacturing branded adhesive tapes using Gravure printing, which is the most modern printing technique on the market. This technique uses a copper-plated printing shaft about 100µ thick, on which deeply engraved printed elements such as images, writing, logos …

Each color printing logo on the tape needs a copper shaft. If the logo tape has 1 color, it needs 1 axis, 2 colors, it needs 2 axes. The copper shaft is only charged once, is permanently warranted by Hadupack, so in the following printing times, you will not lose any cost for the printing tape roller.

The price for making copper shafts ranges from 2 to 4 million depending on the size of the printing shaft:

The 1000mm printing shaft corresponds to 1m wide OPP film, for businesses and companies that have large and regular production needs.
Print axis size from 100 – 950mm for small quantity orders, intermittent demand.
Soft printing roller: Directly print the logo on the back of the finished tape roll, applicable to very small quantity orders.
gravure printing roller and working principle Copper gravure printing roller and working principle of gravure printing

The above are the factors that affect the price of printed and branded adhesive tapes. To receive the most accurate quote according to actual needs, please contact Hadupack sales department for dedicated advice.

The process of ordering logo printing tape at Hadupack

  1. Step 1: Determine the size, form and number of tapes printed with the company’s name. Hadupack will quote the price and estimated time to complete the order.
  2. Step 2: Customers send logos and brand images that they want to print on the tape to email address: or zalo 0976.888.111. Hadupack staff will give detailed advice on colors, textures, background colors, distance between details … and free design for customers.
  3. Step 3: Producing printing rollers (from 2-4 days). The finished print axis will not be able to change, if you want to change it, you will have to make a new print axis.
  4. Step 4: Mass production of adhesive tapes with logo printing (5 – 10 days). For large or urgent orders, Hadupack will deliver the goods in batches.
  5. All adhesive tape products with logo printed before reaching customers will be strictly controlled and accepted by Hadupack according to ISO 9001: 2015. Company warranty within 1 year, 1 change 1 completely free.

Why should you order logo printing at Hadupack?

More than 17 years of experience: Hadupack currently has more than 1000 agents and distributors nationwide and is one of the largest logo-printed adhesive tape manufacturers in Vietnam up to the present time.

Modern printing machinery system: Hadupack currently operates Mark Andy printers. This printer can print up to 10 spot colors, vibrant, bright, beautiful colors that stand out outdoors.

Heartfelt advice: The sales staff is on duty, answering all questions and providing continuous support for customers.

Long term warranty: Lifetime printing shaft warranty, 12 months after printing tape warranty. Especially with large orders, Hadupack will free the cost of printing rollers for customers.

Logo printing tape manufacturing company Logo printing tape production system at Hadupack tape factory

With an initial cost of 2 – 4 million for the printing roller – make it once used forever, it is clear that the logo printing tape is something worth considering for businesses to invest in, a secret weapon to elevate the brand and affirming the difference and class in each product delivered to customers.

Frequently asked questions when ordering tapes for printing letters and logos at Hadupack

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  • 2. Can Hadupack print some sample rolls?
  • 3. Is the adhesive tape printed with letters or logos faded?
  • 4. Can the clear tape print the logo?
  • 5. Can I make adhesive tape to print logo without printing roller?
  • 6. Is it possible to get the print axis back after printing?
  • 7. What to prepare when placing the logo printing tape?
  • 8. Time


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