Desiccant Silica gel

Desiccant Silica gel

The desiccant in the composition has silica gel that supports the hygroscopic function, helps to dry the product surface, absorb water, to preserve food, leather products or electrical goods from being damaged. mold, damage due to the accumulation of water vapor. To help you get the hang of this product, here are a few things you need to know to properly use your moisturizer.

What is moisture resistant granules?

Moisture-proof beads are white beads made from substances such as: SiO2.nH2O (n<2); Calcium chloride (CaCl2) or some other substance. When analyzing the structure of the desiccant (moisture-resistant particle) Silica gel, it was discovered that millions of very small capillary tubes have the effect of absorbing and retaining moisture.

Essentially, the desiccant is like a sand crystal containing honeycomb-like cavities. This type of granules is called by many different names such as: moisture-proof granules, moisture-proof drugs, desiccant, moisture-proof powder, desiccant powder, silica gel or moisture-proof agent, etc.

Is desiccant toxic?

Chemically desiccant granules are safe, environmentally friendly, harmless and useful in production and human life. The main use of this product is to absorb moisture, prevent water condensation, so it is also known as water absorbent.

  1. Therefore, if used strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions to keep moisture in the packaging, it is not toxic, even though there are indications TOXICOLOGICAL granules should not be eaten because actually the moisture barrier does not contain nutrients. so it can’t be eaten.
  2. This is a product that is easy to use, does not leak water, so it can be applied to preserve in many industries to help increase longevity and prolong the storage time of goods. In the food industry, this nut helps preserve canned products, confectionery, etc. to keep the product fresh and delicious. For electronic devices, it will help cameras, components, and televisions to keep the devices inside dry.
  3. Mechanical items when exposed to humid temperatures will be easily damaged, rusted … thanks to the desiccant packages will ensure that the objects are well preserved. In the fashion industry, moisture-proofing helps products such as clothes, leather wallets, leather or imitation leather shoes, etc., to avoid mold, ensuring the durability and longevity of this item.

Reusable desiccant beads for many times still have good hygroscopicity?

  1. Structurally, the product consists of tens of thousands of microscopic pores like honeycombs, which help absorb moisture and retain water between those gaps. Thereby producing strong pressure on the pore causing the texture of the desiccant to change the texture to a larger pore.
  2. At the same time, when dehumidifying a quantity of dust will be sucked into the void, causing blockage or breakage of silica gel particles. Therefore, if reused this type of granules many times, it will reduce the ability to absorb water and unsatisfactory hygroscopicity, causing damage to commodity products.

Desiccant is a by-product, so it’s good to be cheap?

  1. Although this is a by-product in the product packaging process, it is one of the important factors that help the packaging process to ensure proper technique and quality assurance. A cheap product that will be manufactured from materials that do not meet moisture-proof standards will create unsafe, poor-quality and easily damaged goods. So we need to find a place that sells reputable desiccant seeds with quality assurance.
  2. If the goods are properly packed and preserved, it will bring a good product with guaranteed quality, which is highly appreciated by consumers for professionalism. From there, goods and products will achieve high value due to the synchronization.
  3. When using cheap desiccant packages, it means that the desiccant quality is not high, the ability to absorb moisture is poor, it cannot protect the goods, leading to the goods being easily damaged, reducing the quality and affecting the reputation. of the manufacturer. Therefore, it can be affirmed that moisture repellent is not a by-product and cheap is good.

Just drop the product with the desiccant pack and they will stay dry forever?

  1. Manufacturers, when packing SILICA GEL seeds with products that need to be preserved, are only limited to about 20-30% of the weight of the product, so when the maximum hygroscopicity is reached, it will no longer work. .
  2. Therefore, a product preservation requirement that needs to be set is to regularly replace the desiccant packages to help the ability to absorb moisture reach the highest level, providing optimal quality for the goods. For example, if you use the camera regularly, then about 1 to 2 weeks, the number of camera desiccant particles will need up to 100g.
  3. Therefore, the desiccant also only has a certain shelf life, it is not permanent, if it is overdue or placed in a humid environment often, it will no longer work as it was originally. From there, it can be confirmed that if you just remove the product with the desiccant package, they will not forever maintain moisture absorption and dryness.

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