Cooperation process between Bina Vietnam and Thinh Phat Electric Cable Joint Stock Company

Cooperation process between Bina Vietnam and Thinh Phat Electric Cable Joint Stock Company

Thinh Phat Electric Cable Joint Stock Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying electric wires and cables. Thinh Phat is also the main supplier for the national power transmission grid and is loved and trusted by customers in Southeast Asia. Currently, Thinh Phat is also a leader in the creation and application of high technology in the power cable industry. Bina Vietnam International Co., Ltd is honored to accompany the formation and development of Thinh Phat Cable.

About Thinh Phat Electric Cable Joint Stock Company

ThiPha Cable Joint Stock Company was established in 1987, after more than 30 years of establishment and development, ThiPha Cable (Thinh Phat) is known as the leading electric wire & cable brand in Vietnam, the main supplier for Vietnam’s national power transmission grid such as: 500KV, 220 KV, 110 KV lines…ThiPha Cable has been participating in the program of undergrounding and renovating the power grid; rural energy projects are financed by capital sources of banks: WB, ADB, KFW, AFD, JICA…contributing to reducing power loss and improving rural electricity quality. Currently, ThiPha Cable is increasingly penetrating into airports, wharfs, roads, office buildings, commercial centers, hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings and houses…

BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd. is very pleased to be selected by your company to accompany us on the road to conquering customers.

BiNa Vietnam accompanies Thinh Phat Power Cable

The purpose of catalog design (Capability Profile) is for the products and services being provided by the company to be better understood by customers. Because the quality of both content, images and printing has improved significantly, catalogs are becoming one of the effective tools for sales in general in the market.

People often compare catalog design, manual printing to logo design or name card design. It is a tool to effectively identify and focus on increasing brand awareness. In-depth marketers will know exactly how important a catalog can be to branding and improving business results.

Importance of Catalog

A satisfactory catalog design needs to meet two factors:

  1. Practicality: Catalogs need to bring clarity, coherence and understanding to viewers
  2. Attraction: There are images, good content, high quality printing paper, clean and clear modern layout, ..

In response to that belief, Bina Vietnam’s design and engineering team took information, came up with ideas and modeled. Spending days full of effort, after many times of editing and perfecting. Finally, BiNa has produced the most beautiful and suitable catalogs to meet the trust of your company.

The production process of producing catalogs

Coming to BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd., customers will receive more than just a product. With a staff with many years of experience. You will be supported with dedicated advice to make the right product choice. Along with the best price.

To get high quality, unique and strange catalogs, especially to make a strong impression on customers. The catalog is indispensable for all companies or small and medium enterprises. Let’s learn the process of creating professional catalogs.


The production process of this catalog consists of 7 basic steps:

  1. The first step: Unifying the contents of the Catalog printing and signing a contract between the customer and the catalog printing company, this step is almost the most important step for the remaining 6 steps because it decides all.
  2. The second step: Compiling the content, this step requires agreement between the customer and the printing company. Customers will send content to the design department to compile or the content will be self-created by the design department, this step is a very delicate step, so it requires high accuracy and smooth coordination between the design team and the customer.
  3. The third step: Carrying out the design on the maket, this step allows the customer to evaluate the design team’s capacity, with the design content agreed in the second step. To satisfy the customer in this step requires the design team to be very creative to come up with a convincing maket for the customer.
  4. Fourth step: Send the customer to review the maket, to satisfy the customer at this step requires the design team to be very creative to come up with a convincing maket. If there are errors, go back to ‘Step 2’, if the customer is satisfied, the email response is ‘Ok maket’
  5. Fifth step: Printing and processing, this is the step to convert the design file into a real product, in this step, the design department will transfer the file to the catalog printing department and process the finished product.
  6. Sixth step: Delivery
  7. Seventh step: Customer approves the finished product

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