Jumbo Tape



What is Jumbo Tape?

Jumbo tape, also known as adhesive tape, is a large roll of raw material that has not been divided into small rolls of tape.

They have a large round shape, usually 1-2 bracelets, the weight ranges from 100-300kg/jumbo roll.

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Types of jumbo tape at Hadupack provide:

  1. Jumbo tape in opaque (buy finished product with clear tape): Jumbo tape 38 mic, 40 mic, 43 mic, 45 mic, 50 mic, 55 mic
  2. Jumbo color tape (purchase finished product color tape): Jumbo red, green tape. blue, yellow, orange, black, purple, pink, milky white
  3. Jumbo tape printed with fragile letters

Jumbo paper tape (buy finished paper tape)

  1. jumbo cream paper tape (hotmel glue)
  2. Jumbo cream paper tape (rubber glue)
  3. Jumbo white paper tape (hotmel glue)
  4. Jumbo white paper tape (rubber glue)
  5. Jumbo Heat Resistant Paper Tape
  6. Jumbo colored paper tape (green, blue, red)
  7. jumbo tapes
  8. Jumbo Tape Tape Taiwan Cowhide not only
  9. Jumbo Tape with Taiwan Cowhide Paper with Chi
  10. Jumbo veneer tape

Jumbo double-sided tape (buy finished 2-sided tape)

  1. Jumbo double-sided tape (water white)
  2. Jumbo double-sided tape (white oil)
  3. Jumbo double-sided tape (hotmel yellow)
  4. Jumbo double-sided tape (yellow oil)

Jumbo foam tape (buy finished product foam double-sided tape)

  1. Jumbo white foam tape with yellow base (EVA)
  2. Jumbo Green Foam Tape (PE)
  3. Jumbo Red Oil Foam Tape (PE)
  4. Jumbo Blue Oil Foam Tape (PE)
  5. Jumbo Yellow Oil Foam Tape (PE)

Jumbo fabric tape (or buy finished fabric tape):

Jumbo rubber adhesive fabric tape

Jumbo Simili tape (buy finished product simili tape):

Jumbo simili tape

Jumbo office tape (buy finished office tape)

Jumbo transparent office tape

Why should you buy jumbo tape at Hadupack?

Competitive price: in Vietnam market, Hadupack tape is one of the major suppliers of jumbo tape in Hanoi. With an output of about 5,000 rolls/month. We are currently the largest importer of jumbo tape in the South. With small production units, we always support delivery to customers with the most competitive prices.

Guaranteed quality:

Meet the fastest delivery time: with a professional delivery team. We will meet customers’ orders in the best way every day.

Order form at Hadupack tape:

Currently to order jumbo tape at Hadupack Adhesive Tape, please contact directly to order jumbo tape +84 976 888 111


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