Electrical tape



Electrical tape

Electrical tape is made of vinyl, rubber, mastic, and cambric varnished, mainly used for electrical insulation purposes. Since it was invented by 3M’s Snell, Oace and Eastwold in January 1946, over 60 years, electrical tape has now become an essential product widely used in life and production. See more: ANTI STATIC TAPE

Product description of electrical tape

Material: PVC, Special PVC film
Width: 18mm
Length: 20y (yards) = 18.288m
Thickness: 0.18mm
Bearing: ≧32N/cm
Elongation 150% ~ 220%
Maximum voltage 600V
Characteristic: Insulation, waterproof
Expiry: 3 years

Outstanding features of electrical tape

  1. Safety: Absolute insulation with only one layer of tape, the product fully meets the technical safety factors in the electrical industry. The outer rubber layer is flexible, not punctured by the small copper wires inside. Good adhesion keeps the glue from moving out of the joint. In addition, the surface of the tape is smooth, anti-dust, clinging to light objects, minimizing the possibility of fire and explosion.
  2. High elasticity: The product is tough, not easy to be cut, has the ability to stretch up to 200%, keep the adhesion when stretching, tight the wire for a long time.
  3. Fireproof: The outer layer of adhesive tape is very difficult to catch fire, withstands 600V power supply, does not melt by the inner wire, does not crack in cold environments.
  4. Durability: Can withstand force, resist abrasion from common agents or some chemicals, so it ensures safety for the wiring.

Size and color of electrical tape

Electrical tape has many different sizes depending on the needs of the user. The common standard uses a width of 1.8 cm with a variety of lengths from 9, 18 to 27 m.

Besides, there are also different products with various widths such as 1.2 cm; 1.5 cm; 2.4 cm; 3.6 cm; 4.8 cm; 6 cm… If consumers intend to use the product for construction purposes, in large quantities but with different dimensions, they can contact Hadupack to order.

Not only diverse in size, Hadupack also produces electrical tape in different colors such as red, black, white, blue, green and yellow. In which black is used the most.

Application of electrical tape

  1. Wrap electrical cable terminals, wiring and insulate connections.
  2. Protection, binding and marking of cables and pipes.
  3. Application in electronic parts, auto industry
  4. Insulation for automobiles, transformers and household electrical appliances
  5. Waterproof, prevent electrolytic corrosion, packaging, sealing goods
  6. Home decoration


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