What is a plastic bags?

Plastic bags, also known as plastic bags, are a familiar item of our daily life. It is a thin plastic bag produced by extruding or blowing film through machine molds.

Plastic bags come in many different colors with a variety of sizes, designs and models. Plastic bags are used for many different applications such as storing food and utensils, packaging products, preserving goods…

Plastic bags are very light, flexible, durable, strong and especially super cheap, so it is not difficult to understand why it is used so much. However, a big problem with this type of item is that it takes hundreds of years to decompose, leaving a large amount of plastic bags in the environment.

The two types of polymers that manufacturing companies most often use in the production of plastic bags are polyethylene (high-density polyethylene – HDPE; low-density polyethylene – LDPE) and polypropylene (PP).

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Plastic bag manufacturing company, Hadupack plastic packaging

Hadupack has factory for direct production of PE plastic bags and very related products to packaging field to give you complete solution in no time. Moreover, Hadupack can produce to order with special requirements.

Hadupack’s plastic packaging production capacity

  1. More than 10 years of experience in producing plastic packaging bags with 03 large capacity factories.
  2. Professional sales team, always give you the fastest selection of pe plastic bags and other types of plastic packaging
  3. We already have Rohs and ISO 9001:2015 certification
  4. Reasonable price and high quality
  5. We are always accurate with our customers about the delivery time

Plastic packaging, Plastic bags, PE bags, HDPE and other types of packaging

Plastic bags, PE bags, HDPE bags are bags made from plastic beads used to wrap and store products, goods, and waste… The use of nylon has become a habit in daily life and in business and production. export.

Producing packaging, plastic bags, PE bags, HDPE, LDPE

First of all, although plastic bags have a negative impact on the environment, it is undeniable that it has many advantages that are difficult to match with other materials, so it has remained sustainable for many decades. Finding a material that can replace plastic bags is quite difficult because it is relatively low cost, easy to manufacture and especially:

At Hadupack, we are a company that manufactures plastic bags, plastic packaging PE, PP, HDPE.. and strictly adheres to environmental protection. We have the secret to reducing the degradation time of plastic from 200 years to a few decades and we encourage our customers to use plastic bags responsibly.

Hadupack manufactures and meets all requirements for packaging solutions – as long as you have a request, BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd. is sure to meet that requirement.

Hadupack’s plastic packaging products and plastic bags serve many fields:

And with many types of plastic bags:

  1. PE plastic bags, HDPE bags, LDPE bags
  2. PP bag, OPP bag
  3. Zipper bag, pocket
  4. Anti-static bag, Air foam bag
  5. Vacuum bags, PE foam bags…

Applications of plastic bags

Plastic bags are used to pack, transport and contain a variety of goods suitable from civil and household needs to industrial, agricultural and commercial activities. Plastic bags are the ideal packaging solution to protect all types of goods and products from dirt, chemicals, and moisture.

Industries such as chemical, electronics, construction, automotive, warehousing, shipping, retail and pharmaceuticals take full advantage of the benefits that plastic bags have to offer. In addition to major industries, plastic bags can often be found in households and offices.

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