Aluminum foil tape



Aluminum Foil Adhesive Tape

Aluminum foil tape (or silver tape) is a protective tape heat, produced by high technology, cutting technique closed coil. In the refrigeration industry, it is used to surface, protect surface, seal welds, joints, prevent escape steam, anti-heat dissipation and cold storage insulation.

Aluminum Adhesive Tape, Silver Adhesive Tape is an indispensable accessory in insulation technology. Aluminum/silver tape is used in the process of insulation of corrugated iron ducts, industrial pipes, construction of mineral wool, glass wool or PE foam, air bags for sound insulation, etc. with excellent adhesion, heat insulation, cooling, reflective, waterproof, and fireproofing properties thanks to the thin aluminum surface coated with Acrylic adhesive.


With superior features, silver tape or aluminum tape is the first choice in the field of construction. Thanks to its tough, strong and flexible adhesion, Silver Tape is often used to adhere in the construction of glass wool, air bags or PE foam and is used for smoothing, surface protection, sealing joints, welds, insulation and cold storage.

Silver tape is also specialized in use in construction applications of moisture-proof, fire-proof, UV-resistant, vibration-reducing, chemical-resistant, thermally conductive, cooling, reflective… used in the construction industry, automotive, electronics, aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, home appliance manufacturing, and military.

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  1. Heat resistant: -54° to 149°C
  2. Tough, durable and very difficult to tear because it is constructed with a thick layer of pure silver aluminum.
  3. Excellent adhesion with acrylic adhesive
  4. No peeling during use
  5. Insulating insulation and good adhesion even under conditions of temperature and pressure.

Product specifications

  1. Dimensions: 4.8cm; In addition, it is also cut to different sizes according to customer requirements such as 2.4cm or 3.6cm
  2. Length: 17m or 25m.
  3. Thickness: 7 – 9 – 16 – 24 m
  4. Adhesive layer: Acrylic glue
  5. Adhesive film: thin aluminum film
  6. Color: Silver color
  7. Adhesion layer: one side
  8. Material: aluminum foil or foil coated film
  9. In addition, it is also cut to different sizes according to customer requirements such as
  10. Packing: 6 rolls/tree x 6 plants/carton.


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