Heat Resistant Tape



Heat Resistant Tape

Heat-resistant adhesive tape is commonly used in industries such as electronics industry, packaging production, CNC lathe cutting… With its floating properties, it can withstand high temperatures from 1800C – 3000C for a long time. 20-30 minutes, heat-resistant tape is an irreplaceable product of many manufacturing plants.

Heat Resistant Tape
Heat Resistant Tape

1. Classification of heat-resistant adhesive tape

The common feature of heat-resistant adhesive tape is that it can withstand high temperatures and does not leave glue after use. However, the level of heat resistance of each type of tape will be different and usually ranges from 1200C – 3000C. Based on the material, heat-resistant tape can be divided into the following types:

  • ✓ PET heat-resistant adhesive tape, also known as Kapton tape
  • ✓  Teflon heat resistant fabric adhesive tape
  • ✓  Heat resistant insulating fabric adhesive tape

2. Application of high temperature resistant tape

  • ✓ Depending on the requirements of the user, the heat-resistant adhesive tape is used for different purposes. Some common applications of high temperature resistant tape are as follows:
  • ✓  Kapton heat-resistant adhesive tape is widely used and popular in the electronics industry, lithium battery production, PCB board production, FPC, 3D printers…
  • ✓  White heat-resistant insulating fabric adhesive tape is mainly used to wrap electrical wires in electronic equipment such as air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators…
  • ✓ Teflon heat-resistant fabric adhesive tape is widely used in the packaging industry, sealing the heating bar of the vacuum machine….

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