Information to know about paper packaging

How many types of paper packaging are there? What are the advantages of paper packaging and how is it applied in today’s life? All information will be answered right below the following article.

Paper packaging is an indispensable packaging product in our daily life. This product is not only useful and convenient, but also environmentally friendly. Let’s learn about different types of paper packaging with Hadupack and its applications.

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1. What is paper packaging?

Paper packaging is a packaging product made of paper material, which is the latest and quite popular trend on the market today. This type of packaging is often used to preserve and store the products inside, avoiding shocks during transportation. Currently, the paper packaging industry is increasingly interested and invested in development with eye-catching and novel designs and more useful functions.

2. The most popular types of paper packaging today

Types of paper packaging

Many businesses today prioritize choosing packaging paper because of its low cost, environmental friendliness and suitability to the field of business. They are divided into the following categories:

2.1 High-grade carton packaging paper

This product is mainly applied in the dairy industry with high requirements on technical standards. Because milk is a food that is easily fermented and spoiled, if it is not packaged and protected by a multi-layer packaging with strict standards, it is difficult to preserve it properly. manufacturer’s demand.

Because of such strict technical requirements, the milk packaging market share in Vietnam is in the hands of the two “big guys” of the world’s leading packaging industry, Combibloc of Germany and Tetra Pak of Sweden.

This is the largest segment in the category of paper packaging. Paper carton packaging appears popular in all industries: industry, construction, agriculture, … consumer goods such as food, beverage, …

2.2 Types of 3 or 5 layers kraft paper packaging

This is a rather specific product line, which is applied in some basic industries such as: Cement, chemicals, … or used to store flour, fried flour, etc. They have a storage capacity ranging from 10 to 50 kg.

2.3 Box paper packaging

This is a smaller segment than carton packaging, but there are countless types and sizes to meet the needs and tastes of users. In addition, the technology of producing box paper packaging is also quite complicated from printing, backing paper to closing the box, creating a box, …. This segment appears popular in consumer goods industries familiar with daily life such as fast food, confectionery, tea and coffee industry, etc.

2.4 Paper packaging (kraft, couche, ford) offset printing PP plastic composite

This is one of the quite special product lines in the field of paper packaging. Strictly speaking, this type of packaging is a product that combines paper packaging and plastic packaging.

In the field of plastic packaging, to create a beautiful and standard product, people often use gravure printing technology to print directly on a material called BOPP. However, this technology requires a large investment for the mold. Therefore, at present, offset printing kraft paper packaging is an effective alternative to not having to invest in this mold cost.

2.5 Types of PP plastic kraft paper packaging

This product is almost the same as 3-5 layers kraft paper packaging. However, this is a new type of packaging, with an additional layer of PP plastic with more superior features: Durable, strong, helping to preserve products optimally and easily transport. Due to this property, the number of layers of materials is significantly reduced, thereby reducing costs and saving more than traditional kraft paper packaging.

From 1960 to now, kraft paper packaging with a structure of 1 layer of Kraft paper and 1 layer of PP plastic is the perfect replacement for products made entirely from paper. They are widely used in industries such as construction, chemicals, plastic industry and plastic additives (plastic beads, pigments, …).

Besides, modern kraft paper packaging products with PP plastic are also commonly used in agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture industries.

3. Why is paper packaging so popular?

On the market today, there are many companies that produce paper packaging “sprung up” to meet and serve the different requirements of all customers. Paper packaging is gradually becoming a very trusted and used trend by:

3.1 Environmentally friendly

Made from 100% natural wood pulp, this is an absolutely safe and environmentally friendly packaging, as well as human health. It does not take too long to decompose in the natural environment like plastic bags and plastic bags. Make a significant contribution to the protection of the Earth’s living environment.

3.2 Easy to print paper packaging

As one of the pulps with very good ink absorbency, it helps the printing, design and packaging production process to be more convenient, faster and easier than ever.

3.3 Easy to pack and transport

Paper packaging with flexible and tough characteristics helps to preserve goods quite well, minimizing risks on the way. Suitable for products with large weight and not in contact with water, powder, especially cement.

3.4 Paper packaging creates sympathy with customers

Instead of using packaging that does not guarantee aesthetics, paper packaging makes a strong impression in the hearts of customers, such as food paper packaging. This is also considered an extremely effective marketing strategy, helping businesses to develop more widely.

  1. Coated stage of paper and woven PP fabric: Paper in rolls and PP fabric in rolls are laminated together through coated PP plastic. Thereby forming a complex film consisting of paper and PP fabric, which is the main semi-finished product in the production of this paper packaging.
  2. Printing stage in the paper packaging production process: The semi-finished roll of paper packaging is transferred to the printing machine by flexographic printing or printing technology.
  3. Cutting, gluing and shaping stage: The printed semi-finished products will go through the collage department, based on the size required by the customer, in order to create packages that are accurate in quality and size.
  4. Finished sewing stage: The collaged semi-finished product will be sewn in the form of a bottom brace, the other end left blank for customers to open and close the product. At this stage, the paper packaging company is almost complete in terms of product form.
  5. Checking and packing stage: After being sewn, the paper packaging products will be carefully checked by the department staff for their appearance and quality before being packaged and delivered to customers. Through each stage, the quality is carefully checked to ensure that it is on schedule and produces the most satisfied product.

5. Characteristics of printing methods for paper packaging

Whether offset or flexo printing, they all bring competitive values to paper packaging manufacturers. However, the basic understanding of these two printing methods is as follows.

  1. Flexo printing method: This printing technique is used to print mid-range paper packaging products. Often found in cement packaging, the image may be monochrome, but still provide sufficient information to the user.
  2. Offset printing method: This is one of the popular printing techniques today, often applied to high-end high-value products. However, in production, this method has to print each sheet, so it needs to go through an additive process to help the product become a complex film roll, which increases the production cost of the packaging.

Each printing method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose the printing method that suits the product and the business purpose you want to aim for.

At Hadupack, we use advanced printing technology, which produces clear colors, blur-free and long-lasting images. Over many years of operation in the field of packaging printing, Hadupack always focuses on improving production quality and after-sales service to satisfy customers the most. Products of our paper packaging company always ensure the quantity and quality, promising to bring real value to your business.

Producing paper packaging, the optimal packaging solution

Nowadays, environmental protection is getting more and more attention. Therefore, materials and items that are easily decomposed in a short time or recycled will be preferred and preferred by users.

If you are wondering about the choice of packaging, do not know if they have:

  1. How to design to fit the product inside?
  2. Is it possible to convey the full message and value to customers?
  3. Convenient design, eye-catching design, leaving an impression on users?

There are many questions surrounding the choice of packaging, so what is the effective solution? At Hadupack, we can provide you with a wide range of packaging products suitable for all fields. In particular, good paper packaging is the preferred choice of many businesses, because they possess many advantages that other products are difficult to replace:

  1. Reasonable price, helping to save some production costs
  2. Can store a variety of items from food to products of the construction industry, chemicals, …
  3. Easy to decompose, is an environmentally friendly product, ensuring safety for human health
  4. Good paper packaging is easy to design, print with many modern techniques without spending too much time and money.

So in the above article, Hadupack has shared with you everything you need to know about paper packaging. Hopefully, these shares will help in the process of choosing packaging for your business to be more successful and developed. Good luck with your future plans.

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