Laminated film packaging



Laminated film packaging

Laminated film bags are a great alternative to rigid packaging (such as plastic bottles, glass). Designed with different characteristics of laminated film structure, thickness, adhesive layer, adhesive layer all contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the value of packaged consumer products.

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Contents Table of Contents:

  1. Perfect product protection
  2. Cost savings
  3. Create a brand impression
  4. Laminated film bags are a highly adaptable solution
  5. Manufacturing laminated film bags
  6. Perfect product protection
  7. Laminated film bags are very resistant to air and moisture, helping to increase the shelf life and stability of the product
  8. Maintain the taste and integrity of the product
  9. Can use zip lock for convenient use and save product packaging costs
  10. High strength, anti-puncture, anti-ultraviolet.
  11. Save product packaging time

Cost savings:

Materials like glass and clear plastic bottles look great and are visually appealing to consumers, but don’t come cheap, either to manufacture or to ship. Glass is heavy and fragile, leading to transportation and storage concerns, and can lead to increased consumer prices. Sometimes consumers are willing to pay more for greater perceived value, but sometimes that price increase isn’t worth it.

Using laminated film bags is always more convenient in terms of product shipping costs and the one-time shipping quantity is also higher than packing with other materials.

Make a Brand Impression:

A strong benefit of laminated film is very good protection of the printed surface. So your designs to engage your consumers are always at their best.

When you make single film packaging, you need to print on the outside, because the ink cannot come into contact with the product. However, printing on the outside can scratch the print, ruining your great design when it is sold in the supermarket.

With laminate packaging, we print between layers to keep it safe from the outside, but also away from your precious product.

Lamination bags are a highly adaptable solution:

Laminated bags can be used for a variety of applications from food to chemicals and have grown into a popular packaging option.

Production of laminated bags is possible in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the requirements of the product, the appropriate membrane structure is selected. If your business produces multiple product lines, opting for laminate packaging will ensure consistency for your brand.

Adding a zip or lid to lamination bags makes them more functional and expands utility for producers and consumers. As a result, polybag solutions for product packaging are widely used in food, pharmaceutical and beverage applications.

  1. Coffee packaging, cocoa packaging
  2. Food packaging
  3.  Packaging of instant noodles

Production of laminated film bags

Laminated film bags have fundamentally changed the packaging industry, replacing bulky, heavy, fragile materials. As the functionality of laminate packaging continues to expand and is embraced by consumers for its convenience and eye-catching appeal, ordering the production of laminate packaging for product packaging is in line with the trend.


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