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Garbage bags

Plastic garbage bags, also known as garbage bags, are a extremely important items that contribute to helping us protect the beautiful, clean and beautiful environment. Therefore, plastic packaging manufacturers have produced many different types of garbage bags, suitable for each type of waste, with many sizes, making it easy for customers to choose the right type of garbage bag.

1. Trash bag features

Garbage bags are plastic bags used to collect waste easily. The types of garbage bags help users clean their place quickly, making your living space more clean and tidy.

These types of garbage bags are suitable for all spaces, not only for home use but also for restaurants, hotels, offices, schools…

1.1 Materials for the production of garbage bags

  1. Garbage bags are manufactured from plastic particles, mainly HDPE, LDPE with very modern lines and machines, this product is durable, tough and strong. See more: HDPE bags
  2. The bottom of the bag is firmly pressed to prevent the trash from being torn. Or no water leaks out.
  3. Garbage bags are cut individually and packed in Kg or packed in rolls, with a groove design, stamping between the bags, so it helps to separate the bags easily.

1.2 Garbage bag size

The size of garbage bags has many sizes to suit your needs
different usage requirements and sizes of trash cans:

  1. 440 x 560 mm – 0.03mm, 24 bags/roll x 3 rolls/kg
  2. 550 x 650 mm – 0.03mm, 16 bags/roll x 3 rolls/kg
  3. 640 x 780 mm – 0.03mm, 12 bags/roll x 3 rolls/kg

1.3 Advantages of garbage bags

  1. Garbage bags are suitable for use in many different spaces.
  2. Garbage bags are suitable for many different sized trash cans.
  3. Garbage bags are made of safe, flexible nylon materials, dirty water does not leak, does not smell garbage for the space used.
  4. Garbage bags are available in different sizes and colors for you to choose from.
  5. Cheap garbage bags

2. Types of garbage bags today

Hadupack specializes in manufacturing industrial garbage bags. Currently on the market there are many lines of garbage bags, which may or may not have handles, but they are all very convenient to use.

You can choose the type of bag that best suits your needs and each type of waste such as household waste bags, medical waste bags, industrial waste bags, etc.

2.1 Household waste bags

Plastic bags used in daily life are used every day in families, restaurants, schools, offices, hotels… Domestic waste bags are packed with many different sizes and colors.

a) Black roll garbage bag:

Black garbage bag is a roll-type garbage bag, when we use it, we tear each bag according to the serrated line on the bag, packed in 3 rolls/pack/kg, with maximum black packing 2 rolls/pack/kg.

There are 4 types of black roll garbage bags available: urinal black (44×56)cm, middle black (55×65)cm, great black (64×78)cm, super black (78×92)cm.

b) Garbage bags roll 3 colors:

Similar to the black roll garbage bag, the 3-color roll garbage bag usually packs 1 kg of 3 rolls but has the colors black, blue, yellow, red. Particularly, the maximum color has only 1 blue color. Colored roll trash bags are often used in many resorts, apartments, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.

Colored roll garbage bags have many advantages: thin, tough, odorless, solid bottom welding, compact and easy to use roll. The bag is the same size as the black roll garbage bag.

c) Garbage bags:

Garbage bags are bags with 2 handles, which can be tied to prevent trash from falling out. The bag has the characteristics of glossy, flexible, soft, no odor, good strength, solid bottom seam. Non-purpose black double-strap bag garbage containers are also used for many other purposes such as packaging, storing products that need to be covered…

2.2 Medical waste bags

Medical waste bags are divided into many types, and each type will contain its own waste.

  1. Yellow or yellow-toned bags: Infectious waste.
  2. Black bag: Cellular hazardous chemical waste
  3. Blue or blue-tone bags: General waste.
  4. White or off-white: Waste is recyclable.

The size of medical waste bags is usually produced in the following sizes:

45x55cm, 50x65cm, 60cm x 80cm, 70cm x 90cm, 90cm x120cm or 90cm x110cm.

High quality medical waste bags are designed to be very sturdy, ensuring no punctures or breaks during collection and transportation.

2.3 Industrial garbage bags

Industrial garbage bags are large and durable garbage bags. This type of garbage bag can hold a large amount of waste. Often used for objects such as companies, schools, supermarkets, hotels, resorts, restaurants, parks…

Using industrial garbage bags both saves time in collecting and gathering waste, and is a way to join hands to build and protect the environment.

Garbage bags can be used by wrapping them in a bin with a lid to ensure environmental hygiene.

Industrial garbage bags are usually black in color with many common sizes for all types of trash on the market, such as: 90x120cm (120L bin); 120x150cm (Barrel 240L). In addition to these available sizes, custom-made garbage bags are also available.

All kinds of garbage bags at Hadupack have advantages such as high durability, no tearing, no splintering, toughness and no water leakage to the outside, packing very well many types of common waste on the market.

4.1 Benefits of placing plastic bags at Hadupack packaging

Hadupack packaging with the motto of quality products, best prices for customers, so customers feel secure when using the plastic bags we provide.

a) Various designs of bags:

Hadupack packaging specializes in providing plastic bags for markets, commercial centers, convenience stores, schools, hospitals, clothing stores, grocery stores… with full designs such as: mango seed bags, foam bags, zipper bags, sealing bags, industrial garbage bags… all are manufactured according to customer requirements.

b) Modern printing system

The company owns a system of modern machinery and technology, applying silkscreen printing or gravure printing depending on the number of orders. With the criterion of putting the interests of customers on the top, providing customers with high quality product lines, that’s why we constantly apply new technologies, production technologies.

Newly introduced to enhance quality as well as reduce production costs to the lowest level, helping customers reduce costs.
We are committed to: the best designed designs, sharp and good images, timely delivery.

c) Free plastic bag design support

In particular, Hadupack also supports customers to design printed plastic bags to effectively promote their brands for customers who do not have a design for their plastic bags.

d) Production of bags on request

A special thing at Hadupack is to produce and print plastic bags on demand. We are ready to meet all customer requirements from design, size, color, quantity and printing. Ensure the best customer needs. When manufacturing and printing plastic bags on demand, you will: build a brand, promote your product brand further, help increase product value, help customers remember you longer, be more competitive, increase prestige with consumers.

e) Competitive price

Closed production and printing, all stages are done directly without intermediaries, so the price is competitive in the market. The price also depends on the quantity of the order, more or less, if you are a wholesale customer, you will receive many incentives.

f) Professional service

Hadupack also has a team of dedicated consultants, ready to support customer needs. A team of skilled technical staff, professional printing staff take care of each product to the hands of consumers.

4.2 Quality commitment

  1. Quality printed products are our service provider.
  2. On time delivery
  3. Best price
  4. Free sample design

Hopefully the above information will help customers better understand the problem of garbage bags as well as the price list of products. To own the right bag model, you should learn about printing companies that specialize in plastic bags. At the same time, exchange advice to get a reasonable price, bring practical benefits for yourself.


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