EPE foam bag



EPE foam bag

EPE Foam bag is a type of packaging widely used in modern life thanks to its applicability and utility. This product holds and protects the goods during transportation.

Hadupack PE foam products are increasingly asserting their prestige and quality nationwide. With outstanding product quality, affordable prices and professional service, we are sure to bring satisfaction to our customers.

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What is PE Foam Bag?

PE Foam (Polyethylene Foam) is a material produced from LDPE primary plastic particles. Through processing with high temperature, these plastic particles will form thin film foams. Foam is produced in a variety of thicknesses, thins and different lengths to meet the diverse needs of users.

Specifications of PE Foam bag

PE Foam bags are produced by Hadupack with many different specifications. We always advise on the right product size and thickness so that you can save maximum costs when ordering production.

Criteria Characteristic
Length As required
Width As required
Length 0.3mm – 2mm
Color As required
Types Normal PE Foam bag; antistatic; silver coated; wave; print logo.
Production unit Hadupack

Features of PE Foam bag:

Made from Polyethylene plastic combined with Foam powder, PE Foam bags are soft and very flexible, tough, odorless, lightweight and highly recyclable foam plastic materials.

PE Foam bags have the ability to protect goods, anti-impact, avoid external forces from outside. PE Foam has many different products that are processed according to specific techniques to suit each customer’s needs. On the market today, white PE Foam bags are the most common and commonly used. However, green, red, brown, black, yellow PE Foam bags are still produced and supplied in the market. Because these types of foam sheets are not popular, if customers have a need, they often have to order in advance.


PE Foam bags are classified into the following types:

  1. PE Foam bags are usually white: often used for equipment, tools, food items before transportation or used to line the floor in the house.
  2. Plastic coated PE Foam bags: often used to line wooden floors for houses, apartments, offices, companies… In addition, this type of foam is also used to pack a number of industrial products.
    HDPE Foam Bag
  3. PE Foam coated with silver: often used to make heat-resistant panels, insulation for factories, factories or used to line wooden floors.
  4. Other PE Foam bags: including boxes, sheets, foam bags … to meet the different needs of customers.

What is the structure of PE Foam bag?

PE Foam bags are made up of two layers, a foam layer and a nylon layer. The foam layer is the main material that makes up the product. The feature of this layer is high toughness, ability to protect the surface and prevent scratches for the product inside. However, the foam layer cannot self-adhesive with solder joints. Therefore, the product must be coated with an additional layer of nylon on the surface of the foam layer to increase the adhesion of the welds at the bottom and side of the bag.

What is the structure of PE Foam bag?

PE Foam bags are made up of two layers, a foam layer and a nylon layer. The foam layer is the main material that makes up the product. The feature of this layer is high toughness, ability to protect the surface and prevent scratches for the product inside. However, the foam layer cannot self-adhesive with solder joints. Therefore, the product must be coated with an additional layer of nylon on the surface of the foam layer to increase the adhesion of the welds at the bottom and side of the bag.

What is the material for making PE Foam bags?

The product is made from LDPE virgin plastic – a material that is able to decompose quickly in the natural environment.

At the same time, this material has very good durability, high impact resistance. So when using this material to produce foam bags will help the product become more durable and have better quality. Thereby helping to protect the goods of customers stored inside are always safe from danger of affecting the quality of the goods.

What color are PE Foam bags?

Due to the nature of wrapping and protecting the goods, the product is usually produced in a single white color. White is also a color that is easily combined with many different types of goods. However, if you need a product with a different color, you can immediately contact Hadupack to order.

What is the size of PE Foam bag?

Hadupack accepts to make PE Foam bags according to the thickness, width, and length that you require.

Depending on the needs and purposes of the user, Hadupack will produce with a corresponding size, so that it can be used properly for each customer’s purpose.

For some oversized items, a properly sized impact bag is required. For small products or fragile items, a foam pad of appropriate size and thickness is also required.

Therefore, Hadupack will provide products according to the requirements of customers according to each size of the length, width and thickness of the foam.

Advantages of PE Foam bags:

Safety protection for goods transported

The first advantage of PE Foam bags is to protect goods from the effects of external forces. This product has a tough structure that won’t break even under heavy loads. In addition, using foam bags to pack machinery, equipment – electronic components helps reduce collisions for goods during transportation.

Flexible and convenient

The next advantage of this product is flexibility and convenience. Normally, small-sized products that want to be packed must cut PE foam sheets from large rolls before wrapping can be carried out. But using this product is much more convenient.

You just need to put the product into the bag, fold the mouth of the bag to complete the packaging. This product not only saves time on packing goods, but also ensures the aesthetics of the package.

For large goods, you do not need to worry too much. The products of PE Foam bags produced and distributed by Hadupack are made according to the size of your goods, even with oversized goods.

Brand promotion

One advantage that only PE Foam profiled bows have is that they can print your logo and brand on the surface of the product. This is something that other types of packaging cannot do.

Using PE Foam bags with business information printed is considered an effective advertising way, bringing your business brand closer to many customers.

Quotation for PE Foam bags

How much the product costs is what most customers are interested in before ordering the product. Knowing the price of products helps customers to be more proactive in shopping.

The price of the product is based on factors such as thickness, width, length and quantity of products that you order. Accordingly, the larger the order quantity, the lower the unit price for a product.

Hadupack’s team of consultants will advise and support you enthusiastically so that you can order high quality products, cheap prices and highest efficiency.

Production process of PE Foam bags

In order to be able to produce a quality PE Foam bag with the size required by the customer, the production process at Hadupack factory must go through many stages, including: sample making, plastic coating. , bottom sealing, inspection and packaging of finished products.

Stage 1: Make a bag sample

Please send product information including: size and quantity to order products to the following addresses:

  2. Room 403, 4th Floor, Ocean Park, No. 1 Dao Duy Anh, Phuong Mai Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  3. +84 976 888 111
  4. www.hadupack.com
  5. Salehadupack@gmail.com

Stage 2: Plastic coated and divided into small sizes

Once we have complete information, we will proceed to coat a layer of nylon on the surface of the foam film. Then, the PE film roll is divided into sizes to match the bag size that you have ordered.

Stage 3: Gluing the edge and gluing the bottom of the bag

After dividing the size, the foam roll will be put on the bag sealing machine to glue the two edges of the bag and the bottom of the bag, thereby shaping the final product.

Stage 4: Inspection and packaging

This can be considered as an important and indispensable step before delivering the finished product to customers. It is rare for Hadupack’s PE Foam products to fail because we always strictly follow production regulations.

Hadupack understands that a quality product is a product that does not have even the slightest error. Therefore, Hadupack’s workers always carefully check each product before distributing it to the market.

Once the quality of the product is guaranteed, Hadupack proceeds to pack it into pieces according to the standards and requirements of the customer.

The most commonly used PE Foam bags today:

Currently, PE Foam bags are used to pack goods in electronic stores, electrical appliances, souvenirs, … Therefore, the size of the bags is also very diverse to meet the needs. Maximize the needs of customers as well as suitable for the size of each type of goods.

Hadupack would like to send to you the types of PE Foam bags that are being bought and ordered the most in our company

Hadupack – Prestigious manufacturer and distributor of PE Foam bags

Are you looking to buy products with reasonable price and stable quality? Are you wondering which is the most reputable foam bag supplier in the market? Then please contact Hadupack immediately to receive the best support and advice from us.

With many years of experience in the plastic industry, Hadupack is a leader in the field of manufacturing PE Foam bags in particular and wrapping films in general.

Our products are manufactured under modern machinery and thoroughly inspected by experienced staff. Thereby, Hadupack confidently brings perfect quality products to customers. In addition, our direct distribution, without intermediaries also helps products have the most competitive prices in the market.

Commitment from Hadupack:

  1. Products are processed according to customer requirements.
  2. The more products you buy, the higher the discount.
  3. Dedicated and dedicated delivery service. Support delivery costs for large orders and for regular customers.
    Support debt with customers who buy regularly at Hadupack.
  4. Resolve issues that arise efficiently and quickly.

Hadupack is proud to be the leading supplier of packaging solutions in Vietnam, bringing the safety of your goods during transportation. We accept the production of PE Foam bags according to orders worldwide


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