Aluminum foil packaging



Aluminum foil packaging

What is aluminum foil packaging?

Aluminum film packaging is packaging made from many types of films, in which aluminum film is part of the laminated film structure. Aluminum packaging is light-blocking and anti-volatile, preserving fragrance for the best product in all types of laminated film packaging. The “shiny” side of the aluminum film has a reflectivity of 88%, making it one of the best and most effective insulators for sunlight.


Main features of aluminum foil packaging:

  1. Aluminum foil bags are tasteless and odorless.
  2. Chemically safe: because aluminum only reacts with highly concentrated acids, aluminum foil packaging has strong corrosion resistance.
  3. Aluminum foil bags can be recycled many times without loss of quality.
  4. Does not absorb liquid.
  5. Withstand temperatures from -40°C to 350°C.

Advantages of aluminum foil packaging:

Because there are many ways to create aluminum packaging according to each material, aluminum foil bags will have many unique advantages. The most obvious common advantages are:

Aluminum film packaging is the best packaging in keeping the scent and taste of the product. Therefore, aluminum bags are now popularly used to make tea and coffee packaging. However, the cost is a bit high, currently using MPET film (plated with an additional layer of alloy, also known as metalize polyester) with lower cost for packaging.

  1. Environmentally friendly, recyclable
  2. Corrosion resistance, good water resistance and high temperature resistance
  3. Aluminum foil packaging has a glossy appearance, making the product more luxurious and beautiful
  4. Good sun blocking effect
  5. Good response to products with a long shelf life due to the very long life of aluminum bags
  6. Aluminum foil bags have a shelf life of up to 3 years, which means it can maintain product integrity all that time.
  7. Environmentally friendly, no adverse effects on the product.
  8. Aluminum is light and has a low melting point, and is very ductile and easy to mold. This gives aluminum packaging an advantage from a marketing perspective. By being able to be creative freely, due to the flexibility of materials, embossing and printing are easy to identify brands and attract consumers.
  9. It also helps reduce shipping costs (because it’s lightweight).

Food is packed with a very safe aluminum foil bag, ensuring the integrity of the product

  1. No contamination, bacteria
  2. No oxidation
  3. Unaffected by moisture and light
  4. Keep the full flavor of the product
  5. Heat conductors; This material transfers heat uniformly and very quickly
  6. Can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 350°C. Easy to store in the fridge or cook in the oven.

Production of aluminum foil packaging:

Without aluminum packaging, the entire supply chain could break down and become inefficient. Aluminum packaging is part of the solution and essential for sustainable growth. Aluminum Laminated Film Bag is a superior and reliable packaging material, it is the ideal material to protect food, pharmaceutical and other products from light, oxygen, moisture and pollution.

As a global leader in the production of aluminum packaging – Hadupack offers a wide range of products to meet practically any customer requirement. That’s why our aluminum packaging solutions are trusted by our customers.

Popular types of laminated films with aluminum films

Depending on the purpose of use, aluminum foil bags have different ways of combining films and structures. With Hoang Gia PS, we always have a solution for you to have aluminum film packaging that meets your usage requirements and saves the best price possible.


Production specifications and specifications of aluminum foil bags:

  1. Can be produced in different sizes and shapes.
  2. Bag bottom: aluminum packaging can be produced as flat bottom or vertical bottom
  3. The mouth of the bag: can be heat sealed (like a tea bag) or add a zip lock (aluminum foil zipper bag)
  4. Printing: Can print in many colors


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