Anti-rust bag VCI



Multi-purpose gas phase anti-rust bag

Anti-rust bag is an abbreviation of vapor phase anti-rust bag, actually the anti-rust property of anti-rust bag is a kind of gasification reaction, we use gasification principle to completely attach VCI (corrosion inhibitor) vapor phase wear) anti-rust particles into the PE film bag, undergo rigorous processing, and finally form an anti-rust bag with anti-rust function. The anti-rust bag packaging reflects the high-end atmosphere of the product, in addition to the unique anti-rust function, the anti-rust bag can also be beautiful and elegant. can be identified without unpacking.

Type describe shape shape range of use Specifications/thickness color
versatile LDPE+VC Roll material, sheet material, flat bag
Inner folding pocket, square bottom pocket
Non-ferrous and non-ferrous metals
(zinc, tin, copper, aluminum, etc.)
Customize according to customer requirements Yellow, blue, green, transparent, etc.



  • ■Implement oil-free, non-fouling, degreasing and cleaning packaging process, saving labor, time and cost.
  • ■The high performance VCI is evenly contained in the anti-rust paper and the anti-rust effect will come into play quickly after packaging.
  • ■Effective anti-rust even when not in direct contact with metal, especially suitable for metal parts with complex appearance.
  • ■It has dual function of anti-rust and encapsulation.
  • ■Compared with vacuum packing, it is cheaper and easier to use.
  • ■Clean, harmless and non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe. Passed SGS certification, in line with RoHS directive requirements.

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  • ■Before packing, the surface of anti-rust items must be clean and dry. Then use anti-rust packaging and seal at normal and room temperature. If it is packaged with oil, it should be confirmed that the oil does not contain chemical components such as S and Cl, otherwise there will be a negative impact on the effectiveness of the VCI.
  • ■Packing must be done with clean gloves, do not touch the rust-proof items with bare hands.
  • ■If the rustproof item has protrusions or corners, care should be taken not to puncture the rustproof packaging. If it is accidentally damaged, the wound must be covered with industrial bandage in time to ensure the wound.
  • ■During the operation of anti-rust packaging, the workplace must be kept away from “highly corrosive substances such as acids, alkalis and acid corrosive gases”.


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