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What are the advantages of CPE plastic bag packaging?

With the increasing use of plastic bags, the use of new materials has also become more stringent, when seeing the name of this material, it is easy to think that it has something to do with PE plastic bags?

In fact, there is no relationship between these two, the raw materials they use are different, and many people often use them in life. When you use CPE plastic bags, do you know their specific advantages, BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd, CPE plastic bags will tell you.

Advantages of CPE plastic bags:

  • ✓CPE plastic bag is a fibrous material made from polyethylene resin through isopropyl titanate substitution reaction.
  • ✓Good dispersibility, excellent oxidation resistance compared with ordinary packing bags, good toughness and soft feel.
  • ✓It is commonly used for high-end and high-end product packaging.
  • ✓Currently, the proportion of packaged goods for export is relatively large, popular in the field of mobile phones.
  • ✓Gradually, Vietnamese high-end and high-end products will also choose CPE plastic bags to raise the product level.

The advantages and disadvantages of the company’s products: they are not produced by themselves, and the price has certain advantages.

In short, talking about the advantages of CPE plastic bag packaging, if you want to know the knowledge related to PE plastic bags, you can continue to follow us!


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