LDPE bags



LDPE bags – LDPE, LLPE . plastic packaging

Information about LDPE Bags:

LDPE bags are bags made from low density PE, which is the most transparent and elastic bag among PE bag. LDPE plastic bags are suitable for light applications, e.g. packaging of bakery products, candies, garments, pharmaceuticals, drugs.

Other abbreviations : PE/LD ; PE-LD

Characteristics and properties of PE-LD bags:

The common characteristics of PE bags are high mechanical strength, almost no reaction to chemicals, good water resistance. And following are the properties of LDPE packaging

  • ✓Highly elastic, but with low strength and tensile strength.
  • ✓PE-LD has a low density of 0.91-0.925g/cm3.
  • ✓PE resin becomes liquid at melting point. The melting point of –LDPE is between 110-135°C
  • ✓LDPE can withstand 95ºC for a short time
  • ✓Chemical resistance, highly resistant to most alcohols, solvents, alkalis and acids.

Benefits of using PE-LD plastic bags

  • ✓Thin and light, requires little energy to produce.
  • ✓High transparency packaging type, can clearly see the product packed inside.
  • ✓Soft and not wrinkled.
  • ✓Suitable for packaging needs of light products and high aesthetic requirements.
  • ✓Non-toxic, quick to decompose, environmentally friendly.
  • ✓Does not react with products, including products with chemicals such as drugs, cosmetics.
  • ✓Very good water resistance.

Compare HDPE and PE-LD plastic bags:

  • ✓LDPE bags are more flexible than HDPE but have less tensile strength.
  • ✓LDPE bag is brighter, thicker, high stretch.
  • HDPE bags are brittle, thinner, less elastic

Production specifications of LDPE plastic bags:

Specifications Flat bottom or stand up LDPE bag, zipper bag, Zip look.
Color Transparent, opaque, any color on request
Printing Print logos, images, textures…
Strap style Straps, T-Shirt ; Punch a hole.
Size Produce according to customer requirements



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