Coffee packaging



Coffee packaging

Coffee packaging can help you sell more coffee! And at the same time with the many flavors and styles of coffee, this is a drink that deserves good packaging.

Coffee packaging production solutions

For coffee (especially freshly roasted coffee), it is important for the packaging to have an air and light barrier. Moreover, to preserve aroma, the intermediate layer must be aluminum (Al) or metallized film (VMPET). The delicate combination for packaging coffee and cocoa powder is the membrane structure:

  1. PET / Al / PE
  2. PET / WMPET / PE
  3. MattOpp / Al / PE

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Or maybe some other structure of coffee packaging, cocoa packaging such as:


The outer layer of the packaging is responsible for durability, creating tactile sensations (branding, design and tactile effects). The intermediate layer is the separating layer. The inner layer is so that the bags can be firmly bonded together by heat sealing.

Guide to choose Coffee Packaging

Just as there is a wide range of coffee beans, roasts and brews, coffee packaging comes with a wide range of options.

  1. Selection of ingredients: from ingredients with a long shelf life to compostable coffee packaging. Specifically the above mentioned laminated film structure or laminated Kraft/VMPET/PE bags, the top layer of Kraft paper is responsible for tactile and visual aesthetics.
  2. Bag shape: Square bottom, Flat bottom, Hip fold, Stand up pocket, Flat bottom pocket.
  3. Function: One-way degassing valve for vacuum, zip lock, zipper bags

Coffee packaging production

Each coffee and cocoa packaging that Hadupack produces goes through a very specific series of steps, from selecting the customer’s bag size, material and shape, to inspection, to final delivery. With over 10 years of experience, we guarantee your coffee product will get the attention it deserves:

Advantages of coffee packaging production:

  1. Saves you money: Even with a smaller budget, we still give you the opportunity to compete with other coffee brands in the industry.
  2. The most advanced machinery system in the country, fast production and nationwide delivery.
  3. Our technology and experience ensures your coffee is as fresh as it was packaged.
  4. Offers a wide selection of packaging sizes, styles and functions.

Coffee packaging is your brand ambassador, the communicator of your company’s values, and what keeps your coffee fresh. This is an important part of your marketing and ensures the quality of your products on your journey to reaching loyal consumers. So take it seriously.

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