Air bubble bag



Air bubble bag

What are the types of air bags and air bags?

Explosive foam bags are a type of product commonly used in packaging electronic industry, packing household items such as bowls, glassware, fragile items, etc. Inflatable bags are usually classified as follows.

  1. 2-layer foam bag: a type of air-foam bag with 1 layer of air bubbles and 1 layer of nylon
  2. 3-layer foam bag: 2 layers of nylon and a layer of air bubbles in the middle
  3. Anti-static bags: specialized bags for electronic packaging, usually distinguished by pink, red, blue …
  4. Thick 2-layer foam bags: similar to normal 2-layer foam bags, but made from thick foam, air bubbles are more difficult to explode than normal ones.

What are air bags used for?

Processed from rolls of air-foam film, bubble bags have great advantages from air-foam films, even better because of their convenience and time-saving packaging.

  1. Wrap electronics like phones, tablets
  2. Fashion watch bag, electronic watch
  3. Shockproof bag for bowls, cups, fragile glassware
  4. Post office cosmetic bag
  5. Bags for medical equipment, medical surgical equipment
  6. Bag of essential oil bottles sent to customers by post

Why use bubble bags to pack goods?

Using foam bags to wrap goods to save packaging time, increase the aesthetic value of the products inside, and save time on packaging.

  1. Shockproof, anti-impact for the product
  2. Soft and light, when the product is protected by a bubble bag, it will be slightly dropped or bumped, reducing the impact force
  3. Very good scratch resistance
  4. Easy to use
  5. You can process all kinds of bubble bags by yourself according to your needs
  6. Save packing time, reduce labor cost.
  7. Beautiful, quite safe, increasing the aesthetics of the product

Bubble bags are very smooth, light and soft products, so when a collision occurs, they will reduce the impact on the product, making the transportation process safer. Inflatable bags have high shock resistance, impact resistance when transporting on the road and are scratched and broken for some fragile products such as glass, porcelain bowls, or some cosmetic boxes, if Scratches will lose aesthetics and value of goods.

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