Kraft paper



Kraft paper

Faced with the current serious pollution situation, using environmentally friendly kraft paper is a smart solution that brings the highest efficiency. In the past, it was only used as packaging in the industrial field (commonly known as cement paper). But today, they are everywhere with many different purposes such as food wrappers, envelopes, shopping bags, business cards, red envelopes, etc. and many other items that we use. daily use.

Using kraft paper for packaging instead of plastic or plastic bags is a way to make our lives more environmentally friendly. However, how are their properties, characteristics and uses, let’s learn to prioritize using them in the most reasonable and economical way!

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What is kraft paper?

  1. Kraft paper, commonly known as cement paper, is made from chemical pulp of soft wood, which is processed through the kraft process. Thereby, the paper production process can be burned to regenerate heat, so energy can be effectively saved. It is also known as recycled paper.
  2. The kraft paper comes in two colors, fawn and white. Light yellow-brown color is made from cellulose fiber treated with sodium sulphate salt, without going through the bleaching step by sulphide method. The natural paper is usually golden brown but is often bleached to produce white paper.
  3. Features of kraft paper
  4. Its characteristics are durable, tough, relatively rough, good ink capture and good waterproofing.
  5. Quantitative from : 80 – 400gsm/m2.
  6. Easily degradable in the natural environment, can be easily bleached to recycle to produce commonly used white paper, the recyclability is 100%, so it is extremely safe for the environment.
  7. Not fussy about the form or production technique, so the price is cheap, so kraft paper is increasingly popular in the market.
  8. Usually the traditional natural color is yellow. Depending on the percentage of different ingredients, the natural color is often found in shades of yellow-brown, gray-yellow, and black-brown. In addition, you can also bleach to create cream, gray-yellow or ivory-colored paper using chemical technology.
  9. Can be pressed, embossed on the surface, so it is easy to print the motifs on paper.

Advantages of kraft paper

  1. The ability to absorb moisture and oil is good, so it is often used as food packaging.
  2. Tough, bearing to help the storage and preservation of goods is always guaranteed.
  3. Low cost, helping businesses save investment costs for printing and packaging.
  4. Common, often applied in all fields.
  5. The characteristic natural color resembles the color of wood, giving it a classic luxurious feel.
  6. The natural color is already beautiful, so there is no need to bleach or spray more colors, so it is safe for human health.
  7. Does not react to produce toxic substances when subjected to high temperatures, so it is very safe.
  8. High reusability makes it possible for consumers to utilize them in their daily lives.
  9. Easy to decompose in the natural environment should be the first solution in environmental campaigns.

Applications of kraft paper in life:

  1. Most of the restaurants, hotels, cafes follow the classical design school, kraft paper is considered the first choice in decoration as well as design.
  2. Currently, many food and fast food brands have chosen this type of paper as a safe way of brand PR for users’ health.
  3. In the field of interior design, this paper is also encroaching because of its natural neutral retro color.
  4.  From the simple and ordinary nature, it creates a special uniqueness for your business card, helping to make an impression and strengthen business relationships.
  5. Using kraft paper bags is always environmentally friendly and luxurious, more convenient than plastic bags.
  6. This type of paper is used everywhere in all areas of life. So this paper fascia tag is also very widely used, printed in all vivid colors.
  7.  Paper boxes made of this type of paper are usually very sturdy and sturdy.
  8. Currently, invitations, wedding cards now also use this type of paper if the printer likes retro, classic style.
  9. When designing and printing, you must note that the color of the paper is golden brown, so when coating the design on the design, be careful because it may not be the color you like.
  10. Product decals can also be made from recycled paper.
  11. Even wrapping flowers, wrapping gifts, made from this type of paper still feels luxurious and beautiful.
  12. Brochures, advertising brochures can also be made from this type of paper to limit toxic waste to the environment while still ensuring aesthetics.
  13. Pictures, photos can also be printed in a classic style with a fawn background like this.
  14. Daily notebooks can also be made from this paper to be cheap and cost-effective.
  15. The menu of dishes made from recycled paper remains neat, professional and luxurious.

Because the material is durable, safe and easy to print, kraft paper is increasingly popular for making all kinds of packaging with hundreds of diverse designs.

In any field, kraft paper can be “bombed”. Because of its extremely convenient and convenient properties, plus easy decomposition, businesses should consider choosing this type of paper to print their products.


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