Container air bags



Container air bags

Container air bags are a simple and innovative transport protection tool. It is made of PP and PE coated kraft paper as a hard outer bag and a highly airtight inner bag and equipped with an air valve. The inner bag is mainly made of PE which is made of 5-layer dome agent film. The check valve quickly inflates or deflates, the air tightness is firm, effectively preventing the goods from colliding in the truck, container or rail transport. It is a new eco-friendly alternative to raw or porous wood in shipping freight.

In the process of transporting containers, road transport, trains, trucks, due to unavoidable gaps in loading, the goods often move, collide, even collapse leading to damage to goods in different levels. Container inflatable bags can completely fill the gaps between the goods. Absorb the shock generated by the vibration of the goods, firmly fix the goods in the container, effectively prevent the goods from colliding with each other, and have a protective effect such as cushioning and anti-collapse.

The relationship between the distance between the goods and the width of the inflatable paper bag

  1. Distance 200 mm – 500 mm wide inflatable paper bag is recommended
  2. Spacing 300 mm – 800 mm . wide inflatable paper bags are recommended
  3. Distance 400 mm -1000 mm inflatable paper bags are recommended
  4. It is recommended to use 500 mm wide inflatable paper bags with a distance of -1200 mm

If the gap exceeds 500mm, the professionals must make a special filling plan at no cost to you.

  1. Width of full airbag, regular size: 500/800/1000/1200 mm
  2. Regular size length: 1000/1200/1500/1800/2000/2400 mm

The role of the container airbag

  1. The inflatable bag is a kind of paper lined bag with expansion properties, which can better meet today’s transportation requirements.
  2. It can effectively protect the moving goods and play a buffering role.
  3. The maximum strength is 20 tons, suitable for many different modes of transportation such as containers, trailers, trains, ships.
  4. Inflatable bags are available in different sizes, and the material is not only paper, but also pvc, pe and other materials.
  5. More than 90% of export containers have used this product.

Because the material of the airbag that fills the tank is better, it can be reused. However, BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd recommends that the frequency of use of the air bag filling should not be more than twice, otherwise it is easy to cause air leakage due to external factors.

Advantages of paper air bags:

  1. a. Cost savings
  2. b. Tailor-made for perfect protection
  3. c. Improve packing speed
  4. d. Cargo safety.

Decide the size of the inflatable paper bag:

  1. Measure the size of the distance between the goods
  2. Measure the overall height of the stack
  3. Measure the depth of the pallet or the depth of the package size

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