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Paper bags – Producing and printing paper bags

Paper bags are bags that meet environmental standards, widely used for product packaging, branding, events and seminars, etc.

Simply changing from traditional PE bags to paper bags will automatically bring innovation to your brand and strengthen your brand image in the eyes of consumers. In shopping malls, when your customers use these bags, it will help spread awareness and popularize your brand and products wherever they go.

Adapt to the trends:

As a paper bag manufacturer, we know that bag styles, shapes, sizes and designs can be easily changed in no time. For this reason, your business can stay on top of trends and keep your packaging innovative. This is also intended to attract customers and create brand awareness.

Responsible for the environment:

A simple switch from using plastic to paper materials for packaging can go a long way in earning the trust and confidence of customers. Paper bags are a healthy and safe alternative to nylon bags.

Paper bag production:

Hadupack is a company that produces paper packaging for many brands operating in many different fields. Paper bags are used by many advantages:

  • Biodegradable: The bag is perfectly biodegradable and can be recycled and reused.
  • Easy to use: the bag is very light, easy for customers to carry, has many designs and is a great choice when shopping.
  • Variety of colors and printing possibilities to show your brand style.

Benefits of using paper bags for businesses:

  • Spreading environmental awareness
  • Paper bags are a useful environmental awareness tool.

Useful in promoting the brand:

When consumers use your paper bags, they help promote your brand wherever they go. When your products are properly packaged with high-quality paper bags, you can attract more customers, which will help promote your brand to your target audience.

Enhance customer loyalty:

As people enjoy sticking to activities related to environmental conservation, the use of paper bags becomes a reason to feel proud. If your brand promotes the use of paper bags, people will enjoy continuing to stick with it.

Types of paper used in the production of paper bags:

Couche Paper – Old Paper Quantitative 80g/m² – 350g/m².
Bristo Paper – Waste Paper Quantitative 230g/m² – 350g/m².
Ivory Paper – Paper I Quantitative 210g/m² – 400g/m².
Duplex Paper – EASY Paper Quantitative 160g/m² – 400g/m².
Crystal Paper 1 side of the paper is glossy, the other side is slightly rough. Can be combined with paper B and C.
Ford Paper – Wrapped Paper (Off) Quantitative 70g/m² – 80g/m² – 90g/m².
Kraft paper Quantitative 50g/m² – 160g/m².
Art paper Beautiful and expensive, used for high-end products.


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