Printed Cardboard Packaging



Printed Cardboard Packaging

Safe, environmentally friendly cheap paper boxes should be used for product packaging. Most businesses and business establishments now print paper boxes to package products, run events or give gratitude gifts. However, finding a reputable paper box printing unit in Vietnam is not easy. A pioneer in the printing industry, Hadupack accepts to print paper boxes that require a commitment to beautiful quality, color standards and correct models.

What is paper box printing?

Paper box printing is the process of turning ordinary sheets of paper into a beautiful standard box by printing technology and techniques to store or protect goods and make product packaging. The materials used to print the box are the types of paper that are easy to recycle, easy to color and have a certain hardness and certainty. Depending on the intended use, the printed paper box will have different designs, designs and materials.

Printing paper boxes is increasingly popular with businesses

Compared to processing paper boxes by traditional manual method, printing saves more time, cost and effort. Therefore, it is very popular with shops, companies and businesses. In terms of quality, the printed paper boxes look beautiful, impressive and synchronous. In contrast, ordinary hand-made boxes can be out of sync, even look very unsightly.

No matter how valuable the product is, putting it in a non-standard printed box will make the item look inferior. Besides, the goods that are inherently simple and normal when packaged in a beautiful box will be more impressive and eye-catching. Not only attracting customers’ attention, packaging with printed paper boxes also helps protect products, minimize loss and damage to goods.

Great benefits when printing and using paper boxes


This role has been around for a long time. Products that are manufactured need paper boxes, containers and packaging, except for products made from water and construction and mining industries. On the other hand, other products need to be contained from paper boxes to avoid collisions and breakage when moving and circulating from the place of production to the place of consumption.


Paper box printing is the simplest and most effective method to bring the best products to consumers. Paper box packaging, helping products to be transported in the most convenient way. Typically, products made from sugar foods, roasted coffee, salt, metals, etc.


Paper boxes help preserve the use value, long-term preservation of goods, in order to resist the effects that affect the environment such as temperature, humidity, oxidation or infection. Not only that, it is also affected by dirt and water… during storage, loading and unloading, transportation and even consumption.


Paper boxes help prevent the impact of weather factors, climate of each region or rodents, mold and mechanical factors, affecting the quality and quantity of the product.

In addition, the role of the paper box also preserves and preserves the goods to avoid human-caused loss such as theft… Because the product’s paper box can only be opened once. Once the box has been opened, it is difficult to reattach it or when it is closed, there will be traces of the paper box being opened.


Products are packaged in addition to the function of easy transportation, storage, distribution, and sale on shelves. It is also convenient in packaging, convenient to use as opening and closing. Moreover, users can reuse it many times for different purposes.


Through the outer appearance of the paper box. For example, the shape of the package, the printing methods, the decoration of the label and other information related to the product. From there, consumers easily choose the right product they are looking for. Each paper box will bring the difference between consumer products. This is the basic element to “personalize” goods.


This product is considered as an important marketing tool of today’s consumer goods. Because the paper box is considered as a means of transferring information from the seller to the buyer. In stores and supermarkets, the advertising ability of paper boxes is strongly promoted. It is likened to the silent salesman in self-selecting and self-service selling.

Popular paper box printing materials

Depending on the type of goods inside, you can print the box with suitable materials so as not to affect the quality of the product. At the same time create attractive, attractive to stimulate the buying behavior of customers.

Couche paper

This is the material used to print the best paper box on the market today. Couche paper weight is usually 90 – 300g/m2 including 2 sides. One side is glossy with vivid, true colors, while the other side is matte for a harmonious, non-glare feel. With high ink adhesion for quality images, people often use Couche paper to design packaging in the fields of fashion, phones, cosmetics …

Duplex Paper

Duplex paper has an average weight of 300g/m2. One side is usually smooth white for printing. The other side is darker or used as the inner side. People often use Duplex paper for packaging for electrical and electronic products.

Paper Box Ivory

This type of paper usually has a weight from 230 to 250g/m2. A glossy surface is easy to catch color, so it is often used to print important information. The other side is rough and used as the inner surface. In fact, Ivory paper is often used for packaging food such as confectionery, moon cake, etc.

Crystal Paper

Similar to Couches, Crystal paper has a glossy side that looks like it’s covered with glue. The other side is sandpaper. Publications from this material are often very sharp and the images are eye-catching. Therefore, businesses that want to print paper boxes, flyers, business cards, catalogs.. often use Crystal paper.

Kraft paper

Kraft paper is made from soft wood pulp, so it is easy to decompose and recycle. Paper boxes printed with this material are environmentally friendly and safe for health. Because of its toughness, durability and good ink absorption, people often use Kraft paper to print paper boxes, pack clothes …

Bristol Paper

The weight of Bristol paper usually falls in the range of 230 – 250g/m2. Similar to the above materials, this paper has a smooth glossy surface and good ink adhesion, so it is applied in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Paper box classification

To meet the needs of printing large quantities of paper boxes for business purposes, there are many different types of paper boxes on the market today. Here are the three most common classifications.

Classification of paper boxes by style:

Based on design, paper boxes are classified into many different types of details such as:

  1. Paper box with handle
  2. Removable cover paper box
  3. Paper box with lid
  4. Paper box with lid closure
  5. Paper box flip up and down

Sort by paper box material

Based on the printing material of the paper box, one can divide the paper box into the following types:

  1. Duplex cardboard box
  2. Cardboard paper box
  3. Elegant style kraft paper box
  4. Premium Ivory paper box
  5. Beautiful Couches paper box
  6. Standard Bristol Paper Box

Classification by purpose of use

Based on the purpose of using paper boxes can be classified into 3 types including:

  1. Paper box for storage, as a gift
  2. Paper box for product packaging
  3. Paper box used to pack goods for transportation

The role of printing paper boxes for businesses

Currently, businesses are gradually tending to print paper boxes for business use. Especially the stages of product design, packaging and shipping. Here are the roles of paper box printing in the business.

Contain and protect goods

A paper box has enough space to hold goods large or small depending on the size. In addition, good materials often have a certain thickness and hardness to help isolate the air, and at the same time protect against collisions and contact with other agents. Therefore, the paper box for goods will protect the product always clean, new and not scratched or damaged.

Transporting goods is more convenient

Goods with a special structure and shape, many details or designs in pairs such as shoes, candies, fruits, etc. Without paper boxes for packaging, it is often difficult to arrange and transport. If you are not careful, you will lose, drop details or damage due to contact or collision with other goods. Therefore, printing the paper box and then packing it makes it easier to arrange and transport more conveniently. At the same time, to ensure that the product reaches the consumer with complete and correct quality.

Environmental protection

Printing paper boxes instead of plastic packages, plastic bags is an optimal solution to contribute to environmental protection. The material used to make paper boxes is usually very recyclable and completely harmless, safe for health. Moreover, paper boxes can be left to wrap gifts, store items or make decorations and toys. The shelf life can be extended from 2 to 3 years if stored well. Even after collecting paper boxes, people can recycle to use many times, thus minimizing the amount of waste released into the environment.

Protect goods from loss, loss

People often print the paper box to create an outer protective layer, helping to avoid the goods being exposed to smoke, dust and other agents. From there, ensure the product is always bright and new, not damaged before reaching consumers.

Product packaging is simpler

Some goods have specific characteristics such as being easily moldy, dusty or discolored when regularly exposed to the air. Therefore, the packaging must be very careful, meticulous, even wrapped in many different layers. This work is often performed continuously in large numbers, so doing it manually takes a lot of time and effort. Instead of such hard work, people will print paper boxes to simplify the work of product packaging.

The role of paper box printing

Paper box printing plays an important role in business activities. Thanks to the printed paper boxes, the product becomes more prominent and impressive. When it comes to printing paper boxes in business activities, the following roles cannot be ignored.

Information identification signs

Usually, when printing paper boxes, people often add the brand logo, name and some information related to the product. Just by looking at the outer packaging, customers can recognize which company’s products, ingredients, and structures include. This is an effective method of communication, helping to increase awareness and help customers better understand the products offered.

Promote business activities

Printing paper boxes for packaging helps to increase product value and customer experience. The item becomes eye-catching and impressive, which stimulates buying behavior, and at the same time minimizes risks during transportation. In addition, through some information printed on the package, customers can also know how to contact and order for the next purchase. From there, promoting business activities, increasing sales with both cost-effective and efficient.

The most popular types of paper boxes today

Printing paper boxes helps promote business activities in many different industries and fields. Below are the types of paper boxes that are most commonly used today.

Print paper boxes for fashion shops

In the fashion industry, products often have certain characteristics. For example, if the clothes are not folded carefully, they are easy to wrinkle. Especially high-end products that meet this situation can devalue the product and fashion brand. Or shoes are often designed in pairs, the use of paper boxes for packaging helps protect the product from dust and is always clean, like new when it reaches the consumer.

Exploiting the role of paper boxes, fashion shops have printed paper boxes in bulk for packaging and product packaging. With the specificity of each item, paper boxes with lids designed in square or rectangular sizes are very popular.

Print cosmetic paper box

Cosmetic paper boxes are usually designed in the form of a lid. Depending on the shape of the product, people will design the appropriate size to hold cosmetics without being deformed during transportation. At the same time creating convenience for users when taking cosmetics.

Print carton boxes for products

With the development of the logistics industry, the demand for printing carton boxes to store goods is increasing. Enterprises and individual business individuals can design their own box with a size commensurate with the product in order to preserve and keep the goods clean. Especially convenient in arranging, packing and transporting.

Paper box printing technology

In addition to the human factor, technology contributes to the printing process of paper boxes to ensure progress and eye-catching appearance. To bring sharp and impressive box samples, the following 4 printing technologies cannot be ignored:

Digital paper box printing technology

This is a professional paper box printing method that uses digital images directly from a computer device. The data printed on the paper is printed immediately by the printer without any intermediate equipment. With high image quality, digital technology can meet the needs of quick print boxes or urgent needs in life.

Offset printing technology

Considered an advanced technology with wide application in the printing industry. Offset printing helps the image to stick ink directly from the offset plate onto the paper to produce beautiful and impressive boxes for businesses. Craftsmen can use this printing technology for many different surfaces than just paper. High image quality, lifelike colors, and quick and easy implementation.

Flexo printing technology

Flexo printing technology helps workers to print embossed plates directly from the mold. The content that needs to be put on the box will be arranged higher to create attention. In addition to paper, people often use Flexo printing technology for many different materials such as fabrics, polymers, decals…

Screen printing technology

This is a paper box printing technology that has been applied for a long time. The craftsman will let the ink pass through the grid shaped with glue to create beautiful paper boxes as required. Depending on the type of paper, the price of box printing by screen printing technology will be different.

The process of designing and printing paper boxes on demand

Understanding the wishes of customers, Hadupack always tries to design to print the paper box according to the simulation idea. To do that, we followed the design process of the following steps:

Step 1: Synthesize ideas and requests from customers

Before embarking on the design, we will talk with the customer to get more information. From the data provided by the customer such as the purpose of use, product characteristics, budget … unified and aggregated into a list of design requirements. Based on that, brainstorm ideas and implement printing and processing.

Step 2: Sketch the box pattern

Based on product characteristics, intended use and requirements from customers, the design staff will draft a preliminary box sample. It shows some information such as: style, material, size, details, color …

Step 3: Edit the design

Before printing, Hadupack will send the box sample sketch to the customer. If you need to correct or add any details or information, the customer is responsible for reporting it to the factory. We will adjust as required and complete as soon as possible.

Step 4: Design the finished paper box template

After the adjustment, Hadupack continues to send it back to the customer. By the time we receive the standard paper box template, we will finalize the design in the correct format. Based on that, send it to the printing department to prepare a suitable deployment and processing plan.

The process of printing paper boxes on demand

To have beautiful, standard paper boxes, Hadupack always has to follow the correct sequence in the process including the following steps:

Step 1: Exchange and receive information from customers

Customers want to print paper boxes, Hadupack will exchange and confirm some information to capture the request. From there, agree on the quantity, finalize the printing plan and the time to deliver the box to the customer

Step 2: Select the type of paper to print the box

This is an important step, determining the quality of the paper box after finishing. Depending on the nature of the product and the intended use, the two parties will exchange and choose the appropriate type of paper. As long as the price is reasonable and the color is good to print the standard box.

Step 3: Select printing technology and paper box production specifications

Depending on the colors used and the personality of the brand, customers can choose digital color printing technology, offset machine, flexo or screen printing. Each method ensures sharp, true-to-life image quality, so you don’t have to worry.

In addition, customers choose the production specifications of yin and yang boxes, with lids that open and close or buttons… to optimize costs. On the other hand, it ensures convenient packaging and transportation without causing difficulties for users when using and experiencing the product.

Step 4: Design the box template

Hadupack has its own design team, with good professional experience to ensure that customers’ ideas can be visualized through box sample sketches. Based on that, continue to exchange and edit until receiving the official paper box design.

Step 5: Print test paper box

Next in the process, Hadupack will print a real sample from the design to test whether there is a color standard or if the ink is sharp enough and meets the requirements. This work is to ensure that no errors occur, and at the same time to verify the actual quality of the finished product.

Step 6: Seamlessly print the paper box according to the master

At this stage, Hadupack will mold the print on the available paper size, select the color and prepare for the processing. To perform this job, the worker must know how to calculate the most optimal cost, avoiding too much paper after printing.

Step 7: Proceed to print the paper box

Next, Hadupack proceeds to make the image on the paper box. Thanks to modern printing technology, colors and images are shown clearly and honestly. Not only that, the adhesion on the paper is high, helping to keep the color well, limiting fading.

Step 8: Finish processing after printing

Usually the processing step mainly depends on customer requirements. If it is necessary to emboss, polish or laminate to make the product more impressive and eye-catching, Hadupack will do the finishing work, ensuring the paper box is exactly as the design.

Step 9: Inspection and delivery

Before delivering the paper box, Hadupack will check the whole product. If any paper box is defective, color smearing is eliminated immediately. This is an important step, ensuring the final finishing quality meets the new standard brought to customers.

Step 10: Record customer feedback

Finally, to improve service quality, at the end of the printing process, Hadupack will contact or wait for customer feedback. The comments and suggestions are received by us to improve the service.


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