Anti-Slip Sheet



Anti-Slip Sheet

Anti-slip paper can be inserted between goods and goods, between goods and pallets, to prevent slipping and protect products, prevent goods from sliding or spilling during handling, keeping pallet stacks neat neat and beautiful, reducing the risk of goods being damaged.
anti-slip paper.

  1. Reduce the slip between goods pallets and make the loading of goods more stable
  2. Making the stacking method more flexible: no need to use overlapping and the goods are also very stable when lined up: cartons have a higher carrying capacity, which improves the efficiency of the stacking operation. of workers and save time and effort
  3. Recyclable, according to the actual situation, 4-6 pallets process can be used
  4. Has a waterproof function, making the goods moisture-proof
  5. Ease of use – it can be placed with a manual or fully automatic palletizer
  6. Especially suitable for stacking a mixture of different products on pallets
  7. It can be recycled and reused, and it is an environmentally friendly packaging material. Anti-slip paper is suitable for stacking goods in different types of packaging: cartons, plastic boxes, paper bags, glass products, metal products, rubber products, wooden products and many packaging materials. other.

Material properties anti-slip sheet 

  1. This product is kraft paper pulp, with an aqueous coating, its gram weight is 70-300. This product can be recycled and reused, with no ash.
  2. And specification of daily necessities. This product has a corrugated surface, which can reliably prevent the goods from slipping, and is highly durable, withstanding temperatures from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius.
  3. Application Types: This product can also be used as an outer cover for secondary packaging. This product is used in the furniture industry as an intermediate cushion for veneer furniture parts.
  4. Shipping method: The standard specifications provided by this product can be customized to make the size of the sheet and can also be used as a roll. The maximum width of the machine can reach 1400, arbitrary length.

BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd specializes in providing professional anti-slip paper with 2 special anti-slip coatings, which can provide slip resistance with different mechanical strengths. Anti-slip paper, anti-slip sheet are placed under the goods, and they are stacked and placed several times to prevent the goods from slipping and spilling during transportation.

It can also be used in sea and land transportation, to stack and secure goods in containers and place them under pallets to reduce the risk of pallets during transportation. Vibrating and shifting, causing damage to goods. To enhance cargo safety, it can be used together with the container’s inflatable bag.

Anti-slip paper has the advantages of simple operation, no construction required, can be combined with automatic operation. Using anti-slip paper to reduce the shrinkage of paper pallets, the anti-slip paper is FSC Certifications recycled paper, which is 100% recyclable. Anti-slip paper is suitable for wood, metal, glass, plastic and paper.


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