Duplex Paper



What is Duplex Paper?

Duplex paper is produced on a high-tech line, the surface of the paper is coated with high quality (including 1 side with glossy coating and one side without coating). Therefore, this type of paper is often used to produce finished products that require high hardness, printing large paper boxes.

Duplex paper is thicker than many other types of paper, especially not “eating ink”. Produced by pressing 2 layers of paper together, so that the 2 sides of the paper are completely different in ink color as well as texture.

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Duplex paper usually comes in two basic forms: rolled and cut.

There are two types of duplex paper commonly used today:

  1. Single-sided paper: is paper that is coated with only one side, the quantity of this type is usually 210g/m2.
  2. The remaining is a 2-sided duplex paper: both sides of the paper are coated with a surface coating, this type is usually over 250 g/m2.

Weight of Duplex paper:

The typical weight of duplex paper is in the range of 250 gsm – 500 gsm. G/m2 is a way to calculate paper weight, that is, according to the weight of 1 sheet of paper on an area of 1m2.

For example, duplex paper 500, that is, 1 sheet of paper with a size of 1m2, the weight will be 500g.

Similar to others:

  1. 450 duplex paper: that is, 1m2 of paper weighs 450g
  2. Duplex paper 400: means 1m2 of paper weighs 400g
  3. 350 duplex paper: that is, 1m2 of paper weighs 350g
  4. 300 duplex paper: that is, 1m2 of paper weighs 300g
  5. Duplex paper 250: that is, 1m2 of paper weighs 250g

Application of duplex paper:

With its excellent properties, duplex paper is widely used and popular in the printing industry. Duplex is also chosen by many customers because it has its own advantages that other types of paper do not have. Packaging using duplex paper is one of the main products in many low-cost printing factories.

The smooth brightness of duplex paper is high, so printing products often produce very beautiful colors, and high-end paper boxes often use this type of paper. Products such as cake boxes, cosmetic boxes, medicine boxes, etc. often use this type of paper.

In addition to the applications in packaging production mentioned above, duplex paper is also one of the good choices for you to print cheap paper decals, as well as widely used in the field of printing carton boxes and cartons. … Envelopes or envelopes can also use duplex paper, due to the large amount of paper, the hardness is guaranteed.

Most products when offset printing need hardness and durability, so duplex paper is chosen for offset printing processes. When using duplex paper, the finished product is guaranteed to be aesthetically pleasing. However, due to poor ink adhesion, the product is easy to smudge, so people often process lamination after printing to achieve the best effect.

Advantages of duplex paper for packaging printing

Not only diverse sizes when using duplex paper as product packaging, this type of paper also helps to protect the product very well. Boxes and packaging products made of duplex paper also produce bright, diverse and equally sophisticated and luxurious colors.

In addition, duplex paper can also be used for a number of other products such as printing labels, printing logo stickers, product information, company information, etc. Thereby promoting images and brands. or better convey the message to the end user.

Above are some knowledge and sharing of Hadupack about what is duplex paper? The features and applications of this paper in practice, hopefully, can help you choose the right type of paper for your product to print.


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