Instruction Manual Printing



Instruction Manual Printing

Print product manuals:

Printed manuals are an effective way to communicate how to use the product to its fullest. Consumers easily understand how to use the product, manufacturing/distributing businesses avoid warranty cases due to improper use.

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Why is it important to print user manuals?

Printing clear, easy-to-read instruction manuals for packaging with products is a common practice adopted by many manufacturers. Because the book can display a lot of useful and important content for customers such as how to assemble, use, install from basic to in-depth about products.

Limit the use and installation of products in the wrong way, causing damage and affecting the ability to operate and use products.

Book printing ink selection:

Ink is also a determining factor in the cost of printing.

  • ✓If the product has many details about assembly and installation, the color printing method will help consumers easily visualize.’
  • ✓If color printing is not really necessary for the manual, you should choose black and white ink printing to save costs.

Good paper quality increases the satisfaction and inspiration of readers when using the book. Moreover, for each different goal, different materials should be chosen.

Couche Paper – Old Paper Quantitative 80g/m² – 350g/m².
Bristo Paper – Waste Paper Quantitative 230g/m² – 350g/m².
Ivory Paper – Paper I Quantitative 210g/m² – 400g/m².
Duplex Paper – EASY Paper Quantitative 160g/m² – 400g/m².
Crystal Paper 1 side of the paper is glossy, the other side is slightly rough. Can be combined with paper B and C.
Ford Paper – Wrapped Paper (Off) Quantitative 70g/m² – 80g/m² – 90g/m².
Kraft paper Quantitative 50g/m² – 160g/m².
Art paper Beautiful and expensive, used for high-end products.

User manual size:

Standard book sizes are usually according to the paper size. Such as A4 (205 x 295 mm), A5 (145 x 205 mm) or B5 (170 x 240 mm) printed books.
For each type of size, the cost of printing books will be different. The Printing team will advise you on choosing the right size, helping you choose the right cheap service.

Benefits of printing product manuals and goods:

  • ✓Printing manuals for manufacturing and distribution businesses shows professionalism and makes a good impression on customers.
  • ✓Combined with some anti-counterfeiting factors such as labels, activation codes, and authentication codes in the book, it also protects the reputation of the business.
  • ✓Describe the product in detail and effectively


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