Anti-rust papers VCI



Anti-rust papers

VCI waterproof paper is made by brushing VCI anti-rust reducing agent on kraft paper, and it is used for anti-rust products of various metals such as iron and non-ferrous metals…

Gram weight: usually 50 grams

Size: 787*1092mm, 500 sheets/ream, can be cut according to customer requirements.

Instructions for using VCI anti-rust paper:

  1. Before packing, confirm that the packed objects are not rusty, clean or contaminated with other corrosive chemicals
  2. When packing, the temperature of the packed object must match the space temperature
  3. There should be no other barriers between the packaged item and the anti-rust paper, such as: paper backing, protective bags, plastic partitions, etc.
  4. In particular, paper and wood products must not come into direct contact with the packaged object.
  5. Gloves must be worn during the operation to avoid product rust due to hand sweat
  6. Before packing, please don’t leak the anti-rust paper for a long time and seal it as soon as possible after the packing is done.

Unused rustproof paper should be resealed for storage.

Scope of use:

  1. Automotive industry: camshafts, flywheels, clutches, gas cylinders, brake discs and other parts
  2. Manufacture of electromechanical parts: gears, motors, rotors, precision bearings, precision slide screws, turbochargers and other parts
  3. Electrical and electronic manufacturing industry: computer cases, power supplies, printer parts, battery cases and other precision parts
  4. Semiconductor manufacturing industry: lead frame, slitting electroplating coil, high-grade circuit board and other products
  5. Other industries: aviation manufacturing, shipbuilding, military products, etc.

Related issues:

  1. Anti-rust paper has good anti-rust effect, environmental protection and saving.
  2. The anti-rust effect will soon take effect in the early stages of the packaging process.
  3. All raw materials used are food grade, in compliance with US FDA, EU ROHS and REACH standards.
  4. No need to apply anti-rust oil, clean working environment, no process of smearing and degreasing, saving labor cost.
  5. When using anti-rust paper to pack metal parts, the metal must be in a non-rusting state, and the anti-rust paper should be as close to the metal surface as possible.
  6. After wrapping metal parts with anti-rust paper, then pack them in cartons or other packing materials for better anti-rust effect.



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