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Currently, paper boxes are quite familiar and popular products on the market because of the daily applications they bring. Because using paper boxes is not only highly aesthetic but also contributes to protecting the environment from pollution. So, what is a paper box and what types of paper are commonly used to print paper boxes? All of these issues and questions will be answered by BiNa Vietnam in the article below!

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What is a paper box?

A paper box is a product made from paper, shaped like a box, often used to contain, preserve, transport and display industrial and consumer products.

Using printing technology and different paper materials to produce paper containers is called paper box printing. Nowadays, paper boxes are not only used to preserve products but also increase brand recognition through slogans, logo designs, etc.

The role of paper boxes in today’s life

Paper boxes have many important roles. Below at BiNa Việt Nam, we will send you some important roles of paper boxes in today’s life:

  1. Contain and protect goods: Currently, most products are wrapped and stored in paper boxes. This is considered the best way to protect goods from falling and impact when circulating and moving.
  2. Transporting goods more conveniently: Paper boxes are also an effective method to make the process of transporting products to consumers more convenient. Products are packaged in paper boxes for easy transport. Currently, many businesses use paper boxes to preserve and transport products.
  3. Environmental protection: Using paper boxes in addition to preserving products from mold and containing goods, using biodegradable paper materials has a great effect on protecting the environment.
  4. Protect goods from loss and wastage: Paper boxes help prevent impacts from climate, weather or mold and rodents. Thereby protecting goods from loss in quantity and quality. Besides, paper boxes also help protect goods from being stolen from thieves, robbers, etc.
  5. Product packaging is simpler: Compared to other devices, packaging products with paper boxes is much simpler and more convenient. From there, it makes storage, transportation and sale easier.
  6. Synchronized brand identity: Along with brand identity and packaging design, paper boxes are an important factor to help customers easily remember the brand and product. Creates a visual uniformity effect. This is an important factor that businesses cannot ignore if they want to impress and are willing to invest in branding
  7. Increasing product value, improving customer experience: The role of product packaging cannot be denied, in which paper boxes are an important factor to help increase product value. A product in the high price segment cannot be contained in a rickety, loose box. That is why product packaging plays an extremely important role.

​Customer experience is an important keyword in Marketing: experience begins when the customer comes into contact with the brand. If you want to be successful, you need to create a good customer experience. If you can create a special, unforgettable experience for your customers, you have succeeded. The experience of opening a box or “unboxing” is also an interesting experience that brands can research to make a difference.

The role of paper box printing

Printing paper boxes helps us protect products from damage, deformation, theft or loss of quality due to impacts from foreign objects…

  1. Information identification signs: Currently, when printing paper boxes, manufacturing units will display logos and brand information on the outside. From there, users can easily identify and choose the right product they are looking for. Each paper box
  2. Promote business activities: Businesses today often order their own paper boxes upon request for the purpose of advertising and marketing the brand of that business or store. This is a means of transferring information from supplier to buyer. Especially in supermarkets or stores, the advertising ability of paper boxes is promoted effectively.

Materials used when printing paper boxes

There are many materials that can be used in printing paper boxes, but below are some popular materials used by many people.

Couche paper

This type of paper has a flat, smooth surface because it is coated with kaolin. It has great brightness and adheres to ink evenly. This is also the most popular type of printing paper today. Couche paper is used to print book covers, business cards, menus, business cards, etc.

The advantages of this printing paper are sharpness, high contrast, and the ability to print in many colors. To print paper boxes, you can choose rough paper and glossy paper.

Duplex paper

Duplex paper is produced on a modern, high-tech production line. One layer of paper surface is glossy coated, the other side is not. Therefore, it is suitable for printing large-sized boxes with high strength and rigidity.

Duplex paper is quite light and does not adhere to ink, so during the production process, 2 layers of paper will be pressed.

Ivory Paper

This type of paper is used to print paper boxes because of its high brightness and smoothness, because it has been processed with specialized equipment. Currently, Ivory paper has 2 types:

  1. Ivory Kraft Paper: High hardness, one side is rough and the other is coated with Ivory. This type of paper is used to print wine boxes, shoes, milk boxes, toothpaste, etc.
  2. Ivory paper (FBB): Shoe paper base, one side is rough white, the other side is coated. This type of paper is used to print pharmacy boxes, cigarette boxes, cake boxes, coffee boxes, etc.

Crystal Paper

This is a type of double-sided printing paper with one side very glossy, the other side quite rough. The characteristics of this type of paper are that the ink does not smudge and has little warping. During the production process, to increase the gloss of the paper, people will use mixed pigments to cover it and then dry it with a hot metal shaft.

Kraft paper

Also known by many other names: paperboard, cement paper, oil paper, etc. This type of paper is made from the pulp of soft wood. The characteristics of Kraft paper are that it easily “eats ink” and decomposes easily. It is used to wrap fast food or make fashion bags because it is safe and environmentally friendly.

Bristol paper

This is also one of the types of paper used by many units to print paper boxes today. The characteristics of Bristol paper are its certain thickness and hardness. It takes a long time to process and is quite meticulous, so the price is quite high. To increase efficiency and durability, the two surfaces of Bristol paper are coated white and smooth.

Classification of paper boxes

Below are some ways to classify paper boxes that you can refer to:

According to printing material

Based on the material, paper boxes will include types such as: Kraft paper boxes, hard paper boxes, cardboard boxes, Duplex paper boxes, etc. Among them, the most popular is still Ivory paper boxes.

By style

Based on design, people classify paper boxes into:

  1. Flip lid paper box
  2. Paper box with lid
  3. Paper box with removable lid
  4. Paper box with glued lid
  5. Bottom-folding paper box
  6. Paper box with handle

According to intended use

Currently, paper box printing is applied in many different business fields, the names are often attached to that field such as:

  1. Print cosmetic paper boxes
  2. Paper cake box
  3. Print moon cake boxes
  4. Paper shoe box
  5. Paper box for perfume
  6. Printing paper boxes for clothes…

Popular types of paper boxes today

Below are some of the most popular types of printed paper boxes today:

Printing paper boxes for fashion shops

Fashion is also a field that uses paper boxes quite a lot. Paper boxes for shoes, clothes, etc. are designed in new, impressive ways with bright colors that attract customers’ attention.

Normally, shoe, clothing, etc. stores order printed paper boxes with brand images, logos and slogans, etc. to promote their company’s image.

Print cosmetic boxes

Paper boxes containing essential oils, lipstick, cosmetics, etc. help customers identify products easily while avoiding counterfeit and fake goods.

Print carton boxes for products

Currently, BiNa Vietnam printing also receives many orders to print all kinds of carton boxes containing products such as watches, fruits, cakes, tea,… from companies and businesses. To promote the product better, customers can print illustrations, logos, slogans, etc. on each container.

Advanced paper box printing technology – Offset Printing

Currently, paper box factories using offset printing technology are the most popular. This technology is also suitable for printing magazines, catalogs, paper bags, books, newspapers, etc. Offset printing technology allows printing on all different materials. Although it is more time consuming than digital printing, the product quality is better.

With this printing technology, the ink does not fade or smudge, and the ink color is clearly visible. Paper box products with offset printing technology provide true colors, true to the design.

BiNa Vietnam Printing – Reputable, quality cheap paper box printing unit in Hanoi

Faced with the increasing demand of customers, on the market there are currently many paper box factories with extremely diverse printing services and attractive prices, the most prominent of which is In BiNa Vietnam. . With many years of experience in the profession, we are committed to providing paper box printing services with impressive designs, bringing a unique impression to each business.

We comply with standard printing processes with modern printing technology, ensuring product output quality. In particular, one of the reasons customers trust and choose Hadupack is its low price and the opportunity to receive many special offers.

Each printed paper box follows the design with diverse shapes, sizes, and designs, meeting all users’ needs. We have full printing equipment and a large staff to ensure printing on time and on schedule.

​The reason why customers choose to print paper boxes according to our requirements at In BiNa Vietnam

Below are some of the main reasons why customers choose Hadupack as the current cheap paper box printing unit:

  1. We always have reasonable prices because we print directly at the factory without intermediaries
  2. Free customer consultation support before printing
  3. The design staff has a lot of experience
  4. Paper boxes can be ordered upon request in small quantities
  5. Paper quality comes in a variety of designs
  6. Enhance the brand of your business

Basic process when printing cheap paper boxes that meet today’s standards

Below is the printing process of Hadupack paper box factory that you can refer to:

  1. Step 1: The customer sends a request for printing paper boxes to the printing factory. Includes full information about: Size, material, number of paper boxes to print. Based on these requirements, we will send a printing quote.
  2. Step 2: Hadupack’s designer team will design and send to customers for sample approval.
  3. Step 3: The company will print some samples first to check the color and ink.
  4. Step 4: If the customer agrees with the test sample, we will print in large quantities as requested.
  5. Step 5: Perform processing steps such as: cutting, folding paper boxes, laminating,…
  6. Step 6: Check the quantity and quality of finished products and deliver them to your address.



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