Tea packaging



Tea packaging

Tea packaging is now being focused by many businesses, so that this great product gets the attention it deserves.

Tea packaging is produced in many specifications:

  1. Sealed packaging with vertical bottom, vacuum sealed.
  2. Pocket zipper, 4 edges, middle back, inner hip, side offset.
  3. Close One Way Steam Valve
  4. PA Bag Vacuum, 3 Borders, Matt Silver, Milk Silver…

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Advantages of Hadupack’s tea packaging production:

  1. Certificate of food safety and hygiene
  2. The most modern machinery system in the country, quick production with the lowest cost
  3. Nationwide Delivery
  4. Offering a variety of powerful, efficient, on-trend packaging solutions that ensure your products have brand consistency.
  5. Always double-check the printed sample before the design file is delivered to the customer to avoid errors.
  6. Plan to review the order of each part one more time to put it down to production.
  7. The production department is responsible for producing the correct quantity and size as the approved print file.

Packaging for laminated tea – effective, luxurious, delicate

If you manufacture or trade in tea products, the problem of choosing packaging to preserve tea may have worried you.

Vacuum tea packaging

  1. Separate tea from steam and air, keep tea in a dry environment to prevent mold growth.
  2. Tea absorbs the smell of anything near them, but if stored in a sealed plastic bag it helps prevent strong percolation and preserves the flavor of the tea.
  3. Non-translucent tea packaging helps to block direct light and heat: Sunlight generates heat, changing the delicate flavors of the tea.
  4. Tea packaging is produced in a clean environment and uses laminated films without additives, ensuring food safety and hygiene.
  5. Preservation tea is not broken, keep flavor, color for a longer time.
  6. Convenience in the transportation process without fear of damage, crushing the product.
  7. Consumers can clearly know the weight, brewing method, place of production, ingredients as well as the benefits of tea packs.
  8. Tea products are packed in laminated film packaging which is always more luxurious and advanced than conventional plastic packaging.

Production of laminated tea packaging:

The structure of the tea packaging is quite similar to the coffee packaging, Hadupack manufactures tea packaging with the following composite film packaging structures:

Tea packaging kraft paper

With kraft paper material, widely used to make tea packaging. Paper packaging is designed for simple and rustic printing, so it gives us a more nostalgic, friendly feeling, although it has a less eye-catching appearance like laminate packaging.

Composite membrane structure Characteristic
OPP/MCPP  Double layer membrane, thickness from 50 mic to 70 mic. Is a popular and popular type of tea and coffee packaging, because of its low price. This packaging is a metalize form with a light and air barrier function to preserve the product at a light level for up to 6 months, not vacuum.
The 3-layer laminated film has a thickness of usually from 70mic to 130mic depending on the weight of the tea and coffee packaging products. This structure keeps the scent longer than the OPP/MCPP structure, the odor retention time is from 6 months to 12 months, this packaging can’t be vacuumed but with a thickness of 100mic or more. The cost of this structural packaging is average and this packaging is most commonly used on the market today because it both ensures the quality of the product for a long time and has a reasonable price. Top choice businesses.
3-layer laminated film is usually from 70mic to 130mic in thickness, especially this packaging structure preserves the product and keeps the scent very well often used to pack high-class tea and coffee products, the preservation time is from 12 months to 36 months, this type of packaging structure is better in both OPP/MCPP and OPP/MPET/PE structures (the 3-layer structures mentioned above), this type of packaging usually comes with a 1-way valve so it has relatively high cost.



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