Packaging manufacturer



Packaging manufacturer

With the ability to manufacture packaging in different sizes, shapes and styles, Hadupack provides customers with competitive and cutting-edge packaging solutions that are not only robust, sophisticated, but also on-trend. modern market

Packaging production brings benefits to businesses

Packaging is a way to protect a product, make it easy to transport, provide information, support marketing, and create a brand impression for customers.

Quite a few brands think that the packaging is just something to protect the product. This may be true, but when the packaging design is not impressive, no one will care about the product. What makes the brand clear in the mind of the customer is the packaging. The experience of seeing, feeling and touching the product of the customer will determine whether they will buy the product or not.

Specifications in production

Film thickness 1mm = 0.039 in 1mil = 0.001 in 1gause = 0.00001 in
Quantitative g/m2.
Density g/cm3 hoặc g/cc.
Area (Yield) 1 mil (in2/lb/0.001 in) or m2/kg/0.0254mm.


Packaging materials and abbreviations

Polyethylen (PE) Polyesters
Polyvinylidende Cloride (PVDC) Polypropylen (PP)
Polyvinylidende Chloride (PVDC) Cellophane
Metalized Membrane Polystyrene (PS)
Cellulose Acetate (CA) Polyamide (PA) hoặc Nylon

Function of packaging:

  1. Physical protection: Are the items enclosed in the packaging protected from mechanical impact, vibration, static electricity, temperature, etc.
  2. Communication: Packaging communicates how the product is to be used, transported, recycled or disposed of. With pharmaceuticals, food, medical and chemical products, certain types of information are required by the state.
  3. Marketing: Use packaging that encourages potential customers to buy the product.
  4. Convenience: Packaging makes it easy to distribute, organize, display, use, recycle, and dispose of.
  5. Ensure product integrity: With the right technology and materials, the packaging can block gas, oxygen, steam, etc. Keep the product clean, fresh, sterile and safe within the specified shelf life. is the main function.
  6. Anti-counterfeiting: Packaging can play an important role in preventing product counterfeiting.

Quotation for packaging production:

The cost of packaging is based on many factors, which are:

Number of packages The number of packages always affects the price. If the order is large, the average price per pack is always much cheaper than a few hundred packages
Packaging materials Materials used to produce packaging are directly related to durability and color. Each material has a different cost.
Contract signing date The prices of raw materials used to make packaging are constantly changing due to market volatility. Therefore, the price list will apply from the date of signing the contract between the packaging company and the customer.

Benefits of packaging:

Conveniently distribute your product: Packaging must be made so that the product can be transported from one place to another conveniently. The size and shape of the packaging should also be convenient for the retailer to keep in the store or for the consumer to use and store.

Communicating Brand Identity: One way to convey a great brand identity and quality on a product is to make sure that its packaging is great.

The use of ingenious, high-quality packaging lets discerning customers know that a great deal of time, thought and effort has been spent creating the packaging. This means thinking that the accompanying product is of good quality more or less guaranteed. Thanks to the great packaging, you can price the product a little higher than the competition.

The power of promises on packaging: We also see the benefit of illustrating the promise on the packaging. From shampoos that promise beauty from lustrous hair, to skin care products that give eternal youth to radiant skin… consumers are more easily persuaded by visual interpretation.

Images, sketches or structural shapes and lines provide strong cues and emotional resonance. Especially, with Hadupack’s modern packaging printing technology, your products always create emotions in the minds of customers.

Packaging Communicate effectively with customers: Good packaging is communicative. It must provide information to customers about the brand utility and quality of the product, which can stimulate demand. The packaging produced by Hadupack acts “like a silent salesman” and an effective advertisement.


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