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In the last few years, decal is a product that many people use. Currently, printing technology develops, decal printing is more and more popular. Thanks to that, every item looks eye-catching, raising the aesthetic value higher. So where to print cheap decals? Here are some suggestions for you.


What are decals?

Decal (English is decalcomania) is often read as decals. This is the material of the labels with glue on the back. Decal is very easy to use, just a slight force on the surface can be peeled off and glued to another surface. Decal is divided into 2 main types including non-printable and printable. Each type will have its own characteristics.

The structure of the decal consists of the following 4 layers:

The surface layer can be made of paper, cloth or synthetic plastic film. This layer can be coated or uncoated. The surface layer is usually printable and writeable. In addition, the surface layer is reinforced with a thin film, inside which separates moisture and dirt.

  1. The adhesive layer is applied on the bottom of the face layer and will adhere to the surface layer.
  2. Adhesive separation layer, can be silicone or PE-silicon material. It is coated on the top of the base layer, which separates the layer to prevent it from sticking to the glue.
  3. The base layer can be Kraft paper or Glassine, to protect the glue layer when not in use.

The outstanding advantages of decals:

  1. Decal has elasticity, good adhesive ability. On angular, difficult-to-glue surfaces such as square or curved surfaces, rounded corners are effectively handled.
  2. When peeled off, the glue layer will not be stuck on the glued surface.
  3. The type of decal glue when sticky, does not need to be heated or wetted, the user only needs to create a light pressure, the label will stick to the product.

How many types of decals are there?

Depending on the purpose of printing and different uses of customers, decal printing will be divided into the following basic types:

Type of inner decal

Inner decal printing is a method of printing on clear plastic materials. It is laminated with glue on the back. The characteristics of clear decals are basically similar to other decals, but this material is almost like a transparent nylon film. This gives it its outstanding advantage. That is to allow people to see through the label layer, to see the product inside.

Normally, when printing this type of decal will need to use up to 5 colors. That is, there must be a white background overlay for the text that needs to be more prominent, along with other information. As a result, the product has a longer color fastness.

Milky white decal

White decal also known as milk decal. This is a material made up of one-sided plastic with glue and a white background. The outstanding feature of this decal is that it does not let light through the white background, helping the craftsman to design the style and convey his message in the most clear way.

At the moment, the market is very fond of milk plastic decal products instead of paper decals. This product line has the advantage of having very high adhesion, being waterproof and keeping its color for a long time… In particular, this is a product suitable for commonly used utensils, almost frequent contact with water. For example, bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, dishwashing liquid, facial cleanser, bottled drinking water…

In addition, milk decal printing is often used in specific fields such as food, cosmetics or interior decoration,… These products need a breakthrough in materials and designs to make a difference, different from other types of label surface.

Type of grid decal

Mesh decals are rarely mentioned, because this is a form of PR spray paint. The reason is that the configuration creates errors on the surface of the document with the application method that restricts the mandatory mode of content, images, and characters on the grid surface to have the size of the largest norm. Viewers also need to be far enough away to be able to recognize the advertising information.

Printed mesh grid decal is a transparent type used to stick on glass. In particular, the content and images on the decal can be seen through on the back. If the viewing distance is close and the visibility limit is calculated from the front of the viewer.

In addition, with the images on the front of the decal grid, everyone can use it as an interior decoration in the office.

Reflective decal type

Reflective decal is a type of decal that is covered with a metal layer. It has the ability to reflect light shining on the surface of products and goods, for the purpose of creating special aesthetic effects.

On the other hand, this type of deac not only has the same function as a kind of protective label, limiting collisions and scratches on the surface. At the same time, it is also considered a type of label used for effective decoration.

Currently, there are many definitions of this type of reflective decal. However, many people also have no understanding of details and enjoyment. Because this type of decal is very diverse in design, design, as well as practical applications.

Currently, there are two most commonly known reflective decals, which are car decals and glass decals.

Luminous decal printing type

Luminous decals are labels that have the ability to absorb daylight or electric lights and glow at night or in the dark. Structural features of the luminous heat transfer decal are made of 2 layers. In particular, the decal has a layer of PU plastic and a transparent layer – polyester. The characteristics of these two layers are that they are both manufactured on a special technological line system. They can all withstand high temperatures and are durable for long-term use.

When using luminous decal in printing, people will use a decal cutter to cut the printed frames. At the same time, flat heat presses are used to finish the product as desired. This is exactly where the necessary equipment is used for the purpose of effective support, helping to increase productivity at work.

Color paper decal type

For the purpose of recording important and outstanding information, related to the products of the business. Decal color paper or printed decal a4 is used to paste directly on the product’s packaging. Through products that need decal printing to paste and use. From there, businesses will build their own brand and create trust in customers.

On the market, 2 decal printing technologies are usually applied for this type of service, which is Offset printing technology for large quantity orders. If the order is small, people print the decal by laser or digital printing technology.

Type of decal stamp

Decal or decal stamp is a type of self-adhesive label. When producing, printing companies have pre-installed adhesive, just need to use under the effect of pressure or temperature, the decal can stick firmly.

Unlike other types of paper or label printing, stamps use an adhesive layer when wet or dry or heated. The adhesive layer of the decal is pre-mounted on that surface, the user needs to apply a light force to make it stick to the material.

The structure of the decal usually consists of 4 layers: paper, fabric or plastic film. Next, a layer of glue is applied on the bottom of the face layer. The silicon layer (or PE-silicon) is the third layer that is covered on the top of the base layer. The base layer is the last layer that can be Glassine or Kraft paper material, to protect the glue layer when not in use.

Type of decal PP

Decal PP full name is decal Paper Plastic. This is the name of a type of paper used for single-sided printing in the digital printing industry. The front is milky white, smooth flat features. The back is coated with glue or without glue. Besides, the plastic decal printer will add a layer of PP decal protection film right after printing the decal.

Not only that, this type of decal is also used with ink tissue, smooth and glossy surface, creating high-definition images. Therefore, PP decal is popularly used in printing pictures, posters, banners… However, when you don’t want to stick the decal anymore, it will be more difficult to peel off, because the adhesive layer is so strong that it can’t peel off all the glue. Besides, PP decal printing is made of paper and plastic materials, so it is not resistant to high humidity and is easy to absorb water.

Type of broken decal

The name of the broken decal or broken label comes from the characteristics of being fragile. The broken stamp can only be used fully once. After the user peels off the stamps from the goods, they will be torn or broken, unable to be reused.

The shape of the broken stamp is not fixed. There are diamond, round, square or rectangular stamps, with completely different sizes. Broken decals are widely used in detecting counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods, and products. Besides, they are used in many different fields and products. However, people can encounter this type of decal often on items, electronic equipment, and refrigeration.

Decal printing process

On many types of goods, labels are used commonly and very often. To get those labels, businesses have to go through a careful selection and design process.

Before going to print, companies have to go through a vetting and inspection process to decide what the decal will look like. Then, the product requirements will be sent to the printing facility to proceed to create the product.

With the following 5 steps, the logo decal printing process will be conducted:

  1. Step 1: Decal design needs to ensure the elements of color, size, material, image, stamping position, shape, content, font, language and choice of printing technology.
  2. Step 2: Hand over the design and your desired requirements and criteria to the printing company, so that they complete the product including quantity, quality, completion time, delivery address , payment method, etc. Next, the staff will quote the decal printing price, when the business agrees with the terms and the quotation, the two parties will sign a contract.
  3. Step 3: The printing company will correct the design accordingly and print the demo or test version, for customers to see the quality and approve the decal. Both sides discuss to make the final decision.
  4. Step 4: The printing business begins to print decal labels according to the requirements and delivery time stated in the contract by the customer.
  5. Step 5: Hand over the printed decal, the enterprise checks and accepts the labels and pays the printing workshop as the signed regulations.

Today’s popular label printing technologies

Currently, there are many different printing technologies on the market. Each technology will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the 3 most popular printing technologies at the moment.

Flexo printing technology

Flexo printing is a high printing technology, the operation is performed directly on the printing mold to receive ink from the anilox batch and directly transfer the ink onto the printing materials of packaging, carton boxes or printing on special materials…

Offset printing technology

Offset technology is the most popular method of printing decals today. When carrying out the process of transferring information from the printing mold to the surface of the printed material with single-color ink or multi-color ink, under a certain pressure on the device. That line of machines is called a printer.

Digital printing technology

Digital printing is a form of direct printing from digital images to various media. This printing technology is often applied in professional printing techniques, for fast printing needs, along with small and medium number of decals. In the digital printing method, inkjet and laser printers are two of many common types of machines.

Reasons why businesses should choose a cheap decal printing unit

Criteria to print affordable decal templates, good quality
The following criteria will help you choose a quality decal printing unit for your business:

  1. The design of the decal is diverse. The time it takes for the printed label sample to be done will depend on the complexity of the sample and the quantity of that product.
  2. The color of the decal has a realistic, clear image, increasing the durability of the color.
  3. The cost for cheap decal printing will depend on many different factors. Such as quantity, model, material and technology.
  4. Customers will save a considerable amount of money when choosing the right place for printing, designing company logos, and eye-catching label products.

Cheapest decal printing service in the market

Hadupack is a company that has been operating for many years in the field of providing consumers with printing services across the country. The business is always proud of the leading products and services in the printing industry.

Decal printing or label printing are all leading services of enterprises. To meet the needs of the market, Hadupack is constantly learning and updating the latest technologies to bring customers the highest quality printing products.

At the same time, digital equipment and machinery systems are constantly renewed, in order to better meet the printing needs of consumers in the growing new technology era.

Not only that, when using the cheap decal printing service at Hadupack printing, customers always receive the best incentives, along with the competitive level, usually lower than the average level of the market from 10 – 30%.

Incentives for customers when printing decals

When printing decal stickers at Hadupack, customers will immediately enjoy the following incentives:

Quality always comes first:

  1. Designers will support free design ideas consultation.
  2. For large orders, there will be special policies and extremely favorable prices. Printing in bulk will cost less than printing individually. Large orders will be printed and tested completely free of charge.
  3. The unit does not charge additional fees for lamination or eyelets.
  4. For new customers, staff will consult and calculate the cost so that the product is the most reasonable with the advertising strategy.

Friendly shipping policy for all customers

In order for products to reach customers in the most secure and convenient way, the company develops delivery policies or supports fast shipping, helping orders be delivered on time, without missing the consumer’s plan. 

After receiving the decal, the products printed in small quantities will be delivered within 24 hours. Hadupack will support door-to-door delivery with low cost and free shipping for large orders. In addition, the business also cooperates with garages to transport products outside the province.

Thus, you do not need to look far, come to Hadupack. This is one of the cheapest decal printing units on the market. When completing the printing procedures at the company, you will never be disappointed.



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