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Skin care cosmetic labels – Skin cream labels

The material for printing labels of Hadupack skin care cosmetics has many unique features, and is very beautiful, useful in many special cases.

Sure, you want your branded skin care products to look good wherever you go, so invest in premium custom cosmetic labels. Hadupack shares with you all the information about this type of label.

A guide to what information should be on Skin Care Labels

Skin care cosmetic labels serve as the primary means of communicating important information about a product, creating brand recognition, and influencing purchasing decisions. The design of labels for the purpose of creating trends or communicating messages needs to be full of information. Detail:

  1. Identification: First name the product, then describe your product by its common name (exfoliator, lotion, etc.), to ensure that your customers know it correctly. about the product they want to buy.
  2. Net Weight: The net weight is usually placed at the bottom of the design, parallel to the bottom of the packaging or bottle. It must be kept separate from any other written information on the design to ensure legibility.
  3. Ingredient List: Cosmetic products also need an Ingredient list! You must list the ingredients in order from heaviest to lightest, even if the lightest ingredient is the main ingredient. Always use a generic or unique name for a component or technical name if available. Also, use a font size that ensures consumers can read your product information.
  4. Manufacturer’s name and address: Provide the name and business address of the distributor, packer, or manufacturer of the product. If you manufacture and package your own cosmetic products, list the company’s name and business address. If you work with a separate manufacturer, packer or distributor, you will need to list their company name and address. Either way, providing additional information such as a phone number, email address, or other contact method can be beneficial to consumers if they have questions about the product.
  5. Warning Statements: Some products require a Warning Statement to prevent any kind of health hazard to consumers.

The variety of skin care cosmetic labels

Our range of cosmetic labels is extensive, featuring many ground-breaking innovations to deliver attractive looks even in challenging conditions.

Advantages of our skin care cosmetic labels

Skin care products are used regularly throughout the day, and our labels are always “like new” because we use the best materials, which have advantages such as:

  1. Chemical and grease resistant.
  2. Completely waterproof and moisture-proof.
  3. Durable, tear resistant
  4. Environmentally friendly.
  5. State-of-the-art printing techniques deliver vibrant colors, captivating graphics and unique finishes (e.g. embossing, embossing, lamination).
  6. Good adhesion on many types of surface materials such as plastic, glass …
  7. Producing a variety of shapes and sizes.

Best materials for printing skin care cosmetic stamps

The attractiveness of the label plays an important role in any product, and cosmetics are no exception. Our cosmetic label printing material not only has the unique features mentioned above, but it is also beautiful and useful in many special cases.



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