Food label printing



Introduction of food label printing:

Nowadays, food safety is the top concern of consumers. Items such as vegetables, meat, poultry, etc. that do not guarantee quality are rampant in the market by imitations of some famous brands. To meet the demand for boycotting dirty food, food labels make it easier to trace production. Thereby printing food labels is the most important tool for product marketing. They represent professionalism and stability.

Printing food labels when put into use and circulation must ensure many factors as follows:

Colors and images of food stamps and labels: Must be truthful, not intentionally misleading, causing an incorrect feeling about the nature, characteristics and uses of the product.

Contents of food stamps and labels:

  1. Food name
  2. Name and address of the trader responsible for the food
  3. Quantitative
  4. Composition
  5. User manual
  6. Expiry date… includes writing, symbols, motifs that are not directly or indirectly related to other products.

Quality when stamping food labels: Food labels need to be kept for a long time, good adhesive quality, no traces of erasing and especially food labels must not affect the quality of the product itself. there.


  1. Depending on environmental conditions and usage time, you can use materials such as: printing opaque plastic decal labels, frozen decal printing, transparent plastic decal printing, milk decal printing, paper label printing of all kinds, etc.
  2. Must ensure safety and hygiene so that food is not affected when stamping
  3. For foods that need to be stored in a frozen environment: processed or unprocessed meat, fish, and seafood, paper labels should be used that are not suitable for the food industry, because the humidity in the cold environment is high. Paper labels will not be durable, even though there are low-cost heat-resistant paper labels. Instead, you should use opaque plastic decal label printing, frozen decal printing, also known as milk decal printing. Plastic decal labels are more durable, not affected by water and collision when preserving food.


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