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Qrcode stamps – Print Qrcode labels in a variety of materials

Print Qr code stamps to increase customer experience with products, control goods in the supply chain, protect products, prevent counterfeiting.

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What is QRcode stamp?

Qrcode stamp is a type of label printed with a quick response code (QR code) which is a very common type of 2D barcode, but not the only one. The small and square data blocks printed on the labels contain complex coded data that you can scan with your smartphone or QRcode scanners. In fact, you can encode many types of data into QR codes, giving you access to internet data, input information, product serial numbers, user manuals.

Compare QRcode Stamps and Barcode Stamps

You may be wondering what makes QR codes different.

  1. In fact, QR codes display information both horizontally and vertically – hence the name 2D.
  2. Barcode stamps can only be read (also called scanned) in one direction, usually from left to right – hence the name 1D.

So QR codes can contain almost any type of data and contain more information (up to 7,089 characters) than traditional barcodes.

Popular types of QR codes

Data Matrix

The data matrix encoding allows for the encoding of large amounts of data. Thanks to the built-in error correction system, codes broken up to 40% are still readable. They are made up of black and white tiles in a square or rectangular pattern, a finder pattern, and a time pattern. Used in many industries such as packaging and printing media.


This one consists of many concentric circles and rows of hexagonal pieces. Useful for scanning packages at high speed along a conveyor belt. As such, it is used in the logistics sector.

QR Code

The quick response code (QR code) contains black squares and three finder patterns. Originally designed to track parts during vehicle assembly. Since then, it has grown exponentially due to the availability of smartphone readers. Uses include automotive, manufacturing and marketing.


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