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Print Labels Stickers

The sticker pattern is so familiar to us. From famous brands to small stores, they often print stickers to decorate and make product packaging to attract customers. However, if you want to save money, finding a reputable and cheap sticker printing place will be the best choice. Here, Hadupack will introduce the cheap sticker printing service at the factory for your consideration.

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What are stickers?

Sticker is a small and beautiful item designed with cute and eye-catching textures. People often print stickers in different designs to decorate and create accents for gadgets and products. For example, phones, helmets, mirrors… even right on the cheeks.

Use printed stickers to promote your business

Exploiting the advantages of stickers, businesses often use sticker printed publications to promote images. Let’s take a look at the value stickers bring to businesses as well as business activities.

Stickers provide additional information

Sticker has cute, outstanding and eye-catching images, so it is easy to reach customers. Businesses will take advantage of that to print stickers on product packaging. The main purpose is to provide necessary information such as product name, logo, price, ingredients or contact method for customers.

Creative value

In some marketing campaigns, stickers are the creative work of the idea creator. It is shown through the messages conveyed or the arrangement and arrangement of information on the sticker. A creative person knows where customers pay the most attention. From there, put important information in a convenient area for the process of communication and product promotion.

Long-term value

Print stickers in bulk, businesses will receive a preferential price. With a low sticker printing price, you can use stickers for many different media campaigns. Even throughout the process of promoting and building a brand image, businesses definitely still use the original sticker logo.

Call to action

In addition to the above meanings, eye-catching sticker images containing valuable information will help attract customers’ attention. You can easily create a call to action with a sticker. For example, coupons, discount codes, promotional offers… Even if you want customers to fill out or answer surveys in key question fields, stick some stickers next to them. That will help the customer not to miss and pay more attention to the question.

The role of sticker printing in decoration and brand recognition

Diverse designs with high durability, sticker printing is very suitable for decoration and promotion, brand identity. Sharp, eye-catching images help hide stickers to attract consumers. Customers easily know, access to products as well as brands to make purchasing decisions. Since then, promoting business activities increased significantly.

Besides, nowadays, young people tend to show their personality and passion through stickers with their favorite idols printed on them. If this can be exploited, businesses can print stickers on demand to reach potential audiences. Not to mention, the sticker is light and very small in size, so it is suitable for many different spaces. You can decorate your living room, desk, mirror, phone… by sticking stickers.

Request content to be printed on the sticker

The content printed on the sticker depends on the requirements of the business. It can be product name, company, logo, slogan, phone number, contact method… Content is described in words or images. Of course, stickers can meet both of these styles. However, businesses need to know what is the core content to arrange in the key position, easy to attract the most attention.

In addition, the sticker printed content must meet other requirements such as:

  1. The size ensures the fit and harmony between the position and the content
  2. Clearly distinguish what is the main content or the important content
  3. Printed typefaces can be skewed or tilted to one side to make a difference for the product
  4. Content must be placed in a central position, combining images and text to not be distracting.

How to print cheap stickers

Even if it is a cheap logo sticker, the printing factory still has to ensure the standard design for the most beautiful and impressive finished image. Here are the important factors to help you have an attractive sticker.

Sticker printing technology

To meet the demand for instant sticker printing, printing technology must ensure image quality, sharp content, and quick manipulation. Currently, popular printing technologies are applied in the sticker industry such as offset printing, flexo printing and digital laser printing. Although there are differences in printing methods, they are all very easy to use, helping people to print satisfactory sticker templates for customers.

Transparent sticker printing material

This type of sticker is often pasted on products such as cosmetics, dietary supplements, or goods contained inside materials made of glass. This product will have transparency, so when it is pasted on the product, it will highlight the information to be advertised. When printing transparent stickers, you can choose from one of the following materials:

  1. Soft plastic: This type usually has 2 types of transparent plastic or milk plastic suitable for printing stickers for stickers, decoration on glass bottles, laptops, glasses …
  2. PVC: A hard plastic that can resist water and withstand high temperatures and forces, so it is often used to decorate bedrooms, living rooms, outdoor spaces.


Sticker print size

Common sticker printing sizes are: 100 x 50, 100 x 80 or 100 x 100 (mm). However, businesses can change according to the purpose or content they want to print on the sticker. The printing studio will adjust accordingly, ensuring the harmony between the content as well as the aesthetic needs of the sticker.

Notes when ordering sticker printing on demand

In order for a sticker to meet the requirements, when ordering sticker printing, you need to know the following basic information:

  1. The technique of printing stamps is suitable for the characteristics of the industry as well as the business product
  2. Printing materials and methods of laminating, pressing to ensure harmonious colors and clear, durable printed content when used
  3. Choose an impressive label design, suitable for your marketing campaign or brand image
  4. Businesses can design and print stickers according to their creativity as well as their own requirements, not necessarily based on the templates available at the supplier’s factory.

Where to choose to print stickers with cheap prices?

Currently, you can find many establishments that accept sticker printing on the market. However, choosing a reputable, cheap and guaranteed sticker printing factory is another matter. Some units operate in the form of only color printing, while the metallurgical and polishing stages are often outsourced. So the price is very high.

If you are looking for a cheap and reputable sticker printing unit, come to In Viet Nhat. We are committed to producing labels, taking the initiative in every step in the printing process, so the price is affordable and reasonable. A team of experienced personnel and a complete and modern machinery system to meet the requirements of large quantity printing. Therefore, we always follow the customer’s time and schedule, even ready to serve sticker printing immediately.

Why should you choose our sticker printing service?

Compared with other sticker printing service providers on the market, Hadupack is highly appreciated by customers for its quality because of the following advantages:

  1. The production process is closed and takes place directly at the factory, without intermediaries, so the price is cheap and proactive in terms of time.
  2. Modern printing technology and a team of skilled professionals ensure quality sticker prints, meeting aesthetic requirements.
  3. Design and edit design files as required completely free of charge
    The system of machines and super-fast printing technology is enough to serve urgent orders that need to be taken immediately.
  4. Delivery to the place and ready to support vouchers, red invoices for customers.

Professional and reputable sticker printing unit

A professional, reputable logo sticker printing unit is evaluated based on many factors. Here are the most basic criteria to help you choose a reliable printing factory.

The adhesion of the sticker is high

Prestigious printing factories will choose quality materials to print labels. At the same time, the most modern and advanced printing technologies serve customers. Therefore, the adhesive adhesion on the sticker is high, ensuring that the sticker on the decorative surface does not fall off when used.

The durability of the sticker is good

The plastic material used to print the sticker usually has good durability. Some types of PVC also have good heat resistance and water resistance. You can use the product decoration as you like without fear of tearing like other publications.

Stickers are eye-catching in design

The sticker templates have a small, lovely shape that is very diverse in design. You can be creative with your brand personality as long as you ensure the harmony between text and images.

Affordable price

A reputable direct sticker printing workshop will take the initiative from design to processing. Therefore, the low cost meets the needs of printing labels in small and large quantities of customers. Especially, the quotation is usually very clear, shown by documents, vouchers sent by email look much more professional.

Commitment to printing factory’s sticker printing service

Another difference in reputable sticker printing studios is that there are clear commitments. For example, Hadupack always ensures to print stickers in sufficient quantity, design standards and on time as required. If the finished label has an error, the factory will check and then reject it immediately before shipment. So the sticker is always rated as standard.

Quality sticker printing process

To create quality label templates, Hadupack always follows the sticker printing process including the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Receive information and advise on the right type of sticker for customers
  2. Step 2: Design a sticker template based on the required content and size
  3. Step 3: Quote for sticker printing when the customer has approved the design
  4. Step 4: Conduct color test and print sticker according to the required quantity
  5. Step 5: Delivery and payment of orders to customers

The entire printing process may take 2-3 days depending on the quantity ordered. However, if customers want to get it right away, the machines and staff at the factory are always ready to respond.

Above, Hadupack introduced the meaning and role of sticker printing for businesses. Also point out some notes when ordering sticker printing. If you want to learn more about label printing service, please visit our website: or contact us via hotline: +84 976 888 111 for the fastest support.


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