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Zipper Bags

Zipper bags – Information, characteristics and how to choose:

A zipper bags is a rectangular bag, with a slider below the mouth of the bag to seal the bag. This slider is also known as the zip lock, which can be removed or opened the bag easily. Other common names are zipper bag, woven bag.

Zip bags are the most sought-after packaging in nearly every industry, from large-scale production such as industrial parks, factories to retail, because Zip bags are the best and fastest way to save money. Product packaging and storage avoid the effects of pollution, air and moisture, water … because packaging takes less time and they also bring convenience to consumers.

At the top of the bag’s zipper, a hole can be punched to hang the bag as required.

How to choose the right thickness, size of the zip bag?

The size of the Zip bag is measured in mm (millimeters) and is calculated as follows: the bag’s length from the bottom of the bag to the keyway (groove), the width is equal to the width of the keyway.

First determine the size, usable space of your product, just relative, a few mm difference will not be significant, then add a maximum pocket size of about 5 cm for both directions. suitable for storing your products.

How to calculate the size of the zip bag:

A zip bag can be closed easily when it is the right size to fit the contents inside, if it is too big it will waste production costs, if it is too small, it will not be used. Share how you calculate zip bag size efficiently:

  • 1. Measure the length (D) from the bottom of the bag to the bottom edge of the zip pocket.
  • 2. Measure the width (R) of the bag from side to side.
  • 3. For hard items, add ½R in width to the width (R) of the bag to allow the item to fit properly. Reasonable width would = R + R
  • 4. For thick or bulky items, adjust the size accordingly. Add 1.5cm to 5cm to both sides of the bag for a better fit.

Production of zipper bags:

Proud to be the leading cheap Zipper manufacturing company. Our bags have a noticeable difference in quality and we have many different types and styles of zip bags to ensure that you can find the bags you need. Contact production and get advice via Hotline: +84 976 888 111

Hadupack’s zipper bag model:

1. Transparent zip bag:

  • ✓The transparent zip bag is made from high transparency PE (Polyethylene) plastic, which is very suitable for packaging products that need to see the details inside. This is a flat bottom bag, without sealing the mouth. Many thicknesses and sizes to choose from.
  • ✓Transparent Zipper Bags are the perfect blend of clarity and cost. Crystal clarity to allow the product inside to be seen while saving costs.
  • ✓High quality material, not easy to tear, tear, wrinkle or steam, fade.
  • ✓The advantage of PE bag is food safety, can be recycled.
  • ✓Soft feeling to hold, with the right thickness, the bag can pack sharp objects such as bolts, screws, fishing hooks.

2. Stand-up Zipper Bag:

The stand-up zip bag is a bag that can stand up on a flat surface, most commonly used for food packaging and display packaging in supermarkets, shopping malls.

  • ✓If shelf space is limited, the solution is to punch a circular hanging hole above the zipper.
  • ✓For retail, it is recommended to seal the mouth of the bag (above the zip lock) to seal and protect the packaged product.

Stand up zip bags are manufactured using a variety of food safe materials such as:

  • ✓Kraft, PET.
  • ✓KPET/AL/PE-Front KPET/PE.
  • ✓PET / VMPET / CPP back, OPP / PET / CPP front.

Typically for vertical bottom bags, there will be a transparent front, or partially transparent – aka window. The back is often used to “brand” or provide information about the product.

3. LDPE printed zip bag:

White printed zip bags are a great choice for bulk packing quickly. Made of LDPE plastic and has a very secure zip, with a white block on the front that makes it easy to write information or label the product inside. White printed zip bags are used to pack crafts, hardware, components, etc.

4.Zipper bag for hanging:

Hadupack knows that bags aren’t just for products. They also have to keep the product intact. That’s why we manufacture perforated zip bags for hanging. The bag is created using thicker plastic and a premium zip lock to block airflow, maintain fragrance and protect the product inside from the elements. If you have any items that need good protection and are sturdy, compact enough to display, a zip hanger bag is a great choice.

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