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Waterproof labels – Absolutely waterproof labels

Water-resistant stamps ensure that important information on labels is not blurred or peeled off when the product is in contact with water for a long time.


Understanding waterproof labels

Waterproof labels are specialized adhesive labels, designed to not break, peel or smudge when exposed to water and moisture for long periods of time. Waterproof labels are useful for a wide range of products because they guarantee durability, do not lose adhesion, protect important information even in wet environments.

Advantages of waterproof labels

The waterproof advantage of this type of label ensures that important information, such as product names, barcodes, instructions or warning labels, remains intact and readable throughout the product’s life. Whether immersed in water, under rain or condensation, or exposed to other liquids, waterproof labels are a reliable solution for durability. Summary of its advantages:

  1. High durability, retains the state of the label when exposed to moisture, liquid, steam for a long time.
  2. Anti-smudge, anti-fading, tear-resistant higher than labels made from ordinary paper.
  3. Resistant to chemicals, grease, UV rays.
  4. Strong adhesion in wet conditions.
  5. Good resistance to heat and cold
  6. Full display of information printed on labels, ensuring readability, easy scanning (for barcodes or QRcodes)

Why is the waterproof label important?

  1. Waterproof labels contribute to a brand’s professional, prestigious image by ensuring that product labels remain clear, vivid and attractive, even in wet environments.
  2. Make sure important information such as product instructions or brand logos is not damaged or lost due to exposure to water.
  3. Waterproof labels are suitable for a variety of applications, such as frozen foods, beverages that need to be immersed in ice, outdoor products subject to rain, condensation, etc.

The difference between waterproof stamps and water resistant stamps

The main difference of these two types of stamps lies in the degree of protection of the label when in contact with water. Detail:

  1. Waterproof Label : Completely resistant to the ingress of water and other liquids, for example solvents, oils, etc. Water resistant labels can withstand prolonged exposure to water without deterioration. or lose its adhesive properties. Stamps are always in a state like new stamped on the product.
  2. Water-resistant label: To a certain extent water-resistant, but not completely waterproof. May be exposed to moisture, but not designed to be completely submerged or exposed to water for extended periods of time.

Use waterproof stamps

As an essential product label because there are many products that need to use waterproof stamps, the most popular are:

  1. Food & Beverage
  2. Cosmetics and beauty products
  3. Pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment
  4. Chemical and industrial applications
  5. Leisure and outdoor products
  6. Sport equipment…

Print waterproof stamps in a variety of materials

Guidelines for printing materials

Hadupack has a variety of materials for the production of waterproof labels. Depending on your durability and application, we will help you choose the most cost effective and cost effective material. Types of materials for the production of stamps suitable for products that are frequently exposed to water, chemicals, or fluctuating temperature environments:

  1. Plastic stamps: Vinyl, Polyester, PP, BOPP
  2. Silver stamps: Mirror glossy silver stamps, matte silver stamps…

Important note when choosing materials

  1. With a small perimeter sticker, choose a plastic stamp material. Because it is soft and flexible, it adheres more firmly to the curves than silver stamps.
  2. For products such as food, pharmaceuticals, beverages – Choose the safest plastic material that has been approved by the FDA as PP or BOPP.

How to print waterproof labels

  1. Print in rolls or sheets.
  2. Size and shape according to customer’s request
  3. The adhesive of the stamp ensures water resistance and adhesion on many types of surfaces
  4. Can print common contents such as text, images and variable data such as jump numbers, Qrcodes, barcodes.

Instructions for stamping waterproof stickers

  1. Clean Labeling Surfaces: Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free of dirt or grease for optimal adhesion. A well-prepared surface will help the waterproof label to work properly.
  2. Temperature: Apply the label at the appropriate temperature, as extreme temperatures can affect adhesion. Avoid labeling in extreme cold or extreme heat.
  3. Alignment: Align the label properly to ensure a professional appearance and maximize its effectiveness.
  4. Apply pressure: Apply strong, even pressure on the label to ensure it adheres firmly and without bubbles or wrinkles. This is important to maintain the integrity of the waterproof properties.
  5. Storage conditions: Store waterproof labels when not in use in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to avoid damage or deterioration.


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